Adobe Connect Pro Meeting

What is Adobe Connect Pro?

Adobe Connect Pro helps to create real time communication and collaboration opportunities for class activities.  It allows instructor to present course materials, answer questions and initiate group discussion in real time. It can help to record a session which can be viewed later by your students. Some of the ways instructors may use a webinar session include:

  1. Tour of online course – Instructor can share their browser to give a tour of their course to students.
  2. Present lecture – Instructor can explain lecture notes and course material in real time and answer student’s question.
  3. Guest lecture session – Guest speakers can join in from distant to present topic of the week.
  4. Student presentation – Students can be promoted to the presenter role to present their project work.

How can I get started with Adobe Connect Pro?

A small group of faculty participated in this pilot program.

List of Participants:

  1. Maxine Cohen
  2. Joseph Goss
  3. Lenore Lerer
  4. Walter Rothaug
  5. Michael Redmond
  6. Natalie Timme
  7. Robert Wall jasper
  8. Lew Wheaton
  9. Anita Verno

If you are interested in participating in this pilot, email [email protected] .

Where can I find training material?

1.       Plan your session using the Adobe_Connect_Design_Worksheet

2.       Refer to Visual Quick Start Guide for Meeting Hosts

3.       Provide Visual Quick Start Guide to Students

What are the minimum system requirements?

Perform an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Connection Test prior to joining web conference. This test will verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If you pass the Connection Test, then you are ready to connect to Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meeting. If you do not pass the Connection Test, perform the suggested actions, and then run the test again.

You will also need a microphone and a speaker to host or attend an Adobe Connect Meeting.  If you are using a laptop you may already have a built-in microphone, speaker and a webcam.