A. You can register for an in-person clicker workshop on the CIT workshop site OR

B. Follow step by step instructions outlined below:

  1. Complete a design worksheet  to develop and deliver a clicker presentation. We suggest that you fill out this sheet before starting the training
  2. Review the training material. You could also set up one-on-one assistance with Amarjit Kaur, Instructional Designer
  3. Prepare a sample clicker presentation for review. The clicker presentation should consist of 3 slides with the following items:
    1. A multiple question with no correct answer
    2. A multiple question with one correct answer and identify the correct answer
    3. A multiple question with countdown counter
  4. Check out a Clicker Set from the Media Services and test the presentation in the classroom.

Please send a copy of the design worksheet, request for one-on-one training session and sample clicker presentation to akaur@bergen.edu. If you need assistance while running the clicker presentation in the classroom contact the Help Desk x-7109.