The details of a two semester pilot project are listed below:

  1. Project Proposal for the pilot project
  2. Survey – faculty and students
  3. Report results
  4. Project Team
    1. Team leaders: Thomas Jewell, Arts and Communications, Amarjit Kaur, CIT, and Peter Shapiro, CIT
    2. Participants FA’07: Gail Fernandez, Denise Melvin, Linda Kass, Mary Ryan, Susan Barnard, Joanna Campbell, Donna D’Anton, Mary Flannery, Maria Fressola, and Natalie Timme
    3. Participants SP’08: Dianne Sarno, Frank Ramdayal, Heather Barrack, Laurie Lieberman, and Maryellen Mchale

Thanks to all the pilot project participants!