CIT and Media Technologies are piloting new capabilities for some BCC Smart Classrooms. At a recent demonstration of the SMART Sympodium, faculty were enthusiastic about this piece of instructional equipment that takes the functionality of a Tablet PC, the ability to draw on top of live applications using a pen (among other features) and places them in an easy to use add-on to a teacher’s station in a smart classroom.

Currently this equipment is installed in C-304, C-305,C-316 andTEC-205 classrooms. It is also installed in C-308 so one can practice using it. Once installed it replaces the old computer monitor. If you don’t wish to use it, it will act as your regular computer monitor. It is on an adjustable mount and can be set up so that you can use the pen stylus and touch panel intuitively from either a sitting or standing position.

A quick reference guide to the Sympodium provides instructions on how to get started with using Sympodium. There are also real easy two-minute flash animation
tutorials that cover any products that use their SMART whiteboard software including the Sympodium.

If you are interested in using Sympodium and need some hands-on training please email CITL at

Bergen Community College
Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning