This fall the Faculty Showcase event featured BCC faculty who shared some of the high-impact practices (HIPs) they have implemented in their course. See attached flier.

  1. The Power of Connection (Service Learning)
    Add a new dimension to your course through service learning. Students engage in initiatives that build essential skills and bring the curriculum to life. Service learning is a student focused high impact practice that provides opportunities for active learning and community connection. Presenter: Susan Barnard
  2. Learning and Working Together (Integrative Assignment)
    Integrative assignments can promote collaborative learning and enhance higher order processing skills.  Students often learn to integrate and apply knowledge from multiple sources and experiences, utilize diverse points of view and understand topics contextually. Learn how two BCC instructors designed integrated assignment that has been effectively used in US history and cross cultural psychology learning community with the theme of an individual and collective identity.  Presenters: Mi Ahn and Kil Yi
  3. Get it Right the First Time (First Semester Course)

Join us at this session on engaging ways to use collaborative assignments for the first semester student.  You will learn how to design, manage and evaluate collaborative activities that meet learning outcomes. Presenters will describe, share and demonstrate examples of collaborative lessons such as problem-based learning, critical thinking, and peer instruction.  Presenters: Iris Bucchino, Teresa Serio and Carmen Torres

Past Faculty Showcase