Quality Matters is nationally recognized as an outstanding “faculty-centered, peer preview process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses.” At BCC Quality Matters initiative is a faculty driven process to continuously improve quality of the online and hybrid courses with the help of certified QM Peer and Master Reviewers. The TOPP level 3 training program uses the QM rubric as valid indicators of excellence in online instruction. This training program helps experienced online and hybrid BCC professors bring the design of their course up to a level that will make it likely to succeed in a Quality Matters (QM) peer review process. During this training a faculty developer is provided with a copy of the QM workbook with annotated description of each of the standard. A self-review of the course is completed on the QM site by the faculty developer of the course. Then certified peer reviewers are assigned to the course to complete an internal review. Faculty developer applies suggested recommendations made by the peer reviewers to bring the design of their course up to a level that will make it likely to succeed in a QM review.

QM Certified Courses (external and internal review)

  • English Composition taught by Caroline Kelley
  • English Composition taught by Guinevere Shaw
  • English Composition taught by Peter Helff
  • English Skills taught by Michael Bodek
  • General Psychology by Laura Ochoa
  • Macroeconomics taught by Takvor Mutafoglu
  • Modern Art taught by Rebecca Glenn
  • Social and Political Philosophy taught by Michael Redmond
  • Speech Communication taught by Christine Foster
  • Speech Communication taught by Jamie Keller
  • Success 121 taught by Robert Pohl
  • Supervised Field Work Experience taught by Melissa Krieger
  • The History of Modern Art taught by Melody Irvin

QM Training

Master Reviewer Certification

  • Amarjit Kaur
  • Christine Foster
  • Ellen Feig
  • Michael Redmond
  • Maria Fressola
  • Peter Shapiro

Peer Reviewer Certification

  • Caroline Kelley 
  • Guinevere Shaw             
  • Michael Bodek
  • Vanda Bozicevic

Applying the QM Rubric

  • Adam Goodell
  • Brian Altano
  • Brian Cordell
  • Camelia-Manuela Lataianu
  • Cynthia Rockafellow
  • Emily Touma
  • Emily Vandalovsky
  • Jared Saltzman
  • Laura Ochoa              
  • Laurie Hodge
  • Lavina Sequeira       
  • Lenore Lerer
  • Melody Irvin
  • Peter Dlugos
  • Rebecca Glenn         
  • Robert Pohl
  • Thomas Jewell
  • William Huisking