Quality Matters is nationally recognized as an outstanding “faculty-centered, peer preview process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses.” Although faculty may self-review their course (TOPP level#3) for quality matters standards with the help of an instructional designer, Bergen’s Canvas courses meet several of the QM standards because the core template was included in every course during the LMS transition project. As of 2022-2023, all new online courses are built with the core template designed by the instructional design team.

The TOPP level 3 training program uses the QM rubric as valid indicators of excellence in online instruction. A self-review of the course is completed on the QM site by the faculty developer of the course. Then certified peer reviewers are assigned to the course to complete an internal review. The faculty developer applies suggested recommendations made by the peer reviewers to bring the design of their course up to a level that will make it likely to succeed in a QM review. To watch quality matters, showcase video on how to implement a standard visit QM playlist. To request a copy of the Quality Matters rubrics, 7th edition handbook, email citl@bergen.edu.