Transitioning to Canvas

Bergen is currently going through the process of transitioning to new learning management system. This transition process will require time, effort and input from all faculty, staff and students.

Why transition?
Bergen Community College has been using Moodle as its Learning Management System a little over 10 years. The college recognize the need to provide a robust learning environment to all our students. In Spring 2022 faculty and students reviewed Blackboard Ultra, OpenLMS and Canvas learning management systems (LMS). Canvas was selected as the next LMS for Bergen.

What is Canvas?
Canvas is a learning management system for educators to create online learning spaces, engage and assess students learning. Canvas can be accessed on a desktop machine or any mobile platform. To learn more about “How Canvas supports Teaching and Learning” click here.

What is the timeline for moving to Canvas?
The work to transition from Moodle to Canvas started in Spring 2022. In preparation, courses in Moodle are planned to be converted to Canvas in Fall2022. To prepare converted courses for teaching on the Canvas platform training will be scheduled starting the Spring 2023 semester.

Please note Moodle will come to end of life for Bergen users on June 2023.

When can I build a course in Canvas?
Faculty will be able to access Canvas to start building their courses in Spring 2023. Training will be available in person and remotely for fixing converted courses or building a course from scratch. More information to follow.

Although courses identified by faculty will be brought over to Canvas, faculty should make sure their assigned course is ready for teaching starting  Summer I 2023 semester.

Where can I find information communicated to users?

  • Presentation “Transitioning to Canvas” from the Faculty Day of Development FA2022 (PPT)

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
If you have additional questions please reach out to the office of CITL by emailing [email protected].