What is classroom polling?

Classroom polling solutions allows instructors to collect student’s responses to clarify student understanding of the course material.

Why use classroom polling solutions?

Classroom polling solutions can be used to:

  • Help monitor student understanding of material covered in a lecture.
  • Expose and clarify student’s misconceptions.
  • Promote interactivity and discussion in large group case-based learning.
  • Elicit and discuss diverse points of view when there is no correct answer (e.g., ethics)
  • Test whether students complete assigned reading.
  • Conduct quizzes and surveys
  • Provide immediate feedback on the value of the learning session.
  • Facilitate “peer instruction.”

How can I Get started with a polling solution?

Although there are a variety of free polling solutions available to create an active learning exercise in the classroom Kahoot is available to Bergen instructors for supporting more than 10 students in a class.

To get started with Kahoot check Kahoot support site or setup an appointment during weekly office hour.

For upgrading your Kahoot account, contact [email protected].