What is a Tablet PC?

The Tablet PC can be seen as a laptop that offers additional capabilities, roughly equivalent to a smart board, incorporating pen based computing (which includes freehand annotation and pen navigation) with standard computing power. Teaming this capability with tutorial creation software (e.g. Camtasia Studio) and a PC headset can help to create powerful multimedia tutorials for students.

Why use a Tablet PC?

The Tablet PC allows you to work with a digital pen on a computer screen much like writing on paper with a pen. If you simply connect your Tablet PC to a projector you have the digital whiteboard ready to be used in your classroom. Using the annotation feature you can grade papers the same way you do with paper and pen. Tilting the Tablet PC converts it to a notebook and you can move around the room while working on the laptop. You may watch a demonstration by Jeff Leonard, Stanford University researcher on taking notes by hand and annotating images in the genetics lab at
CNET News.com (1min. 15sec.)

How can I get a Tablet PC?

CIT has a limited number of Tablet PC’s available for loan. To apply please fill out an application and return it to Amarjit Kaur, Room C335.

Where can I get help with using a Tablet PC?

If you would like to set up a training session or have questions about using a Tablet PC, please contact Dr. Amarjit Kaur by emailing akaur@bergen.edu 

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