CITL provides workshops and training programs on college supported administrative applications to BCC staff. These training sessions are conducted by in-house faculty members and external trainers. There are many options to get updated on the technology including semester-wide workshops, one-on-one assistance and self-paced Atomic Learning courses.


Staff is encouraged to attend CITL workshops offered every semester. Registration is required for each workshop. Some workshops may have prerequisite requirements. Register online for any CITL workshop by viewing the schedule and completing the registration form. To better understand your need we suggest that you submit a  custom workshop request form for your discipline or a group of your colleagues. If you are interested in offering a workshop email us at

One-on-One Support

CITL provides troubleshooting support on a one-on-one basis for administrative software. We can help to pair you with someone from the one-on-one support team. Do you need assistance with Microsoft Office Software, Turnitin services, Web enhancing your classes with Moodle?  CITL provides release time for faculty to advise their colleagues on these very important and sometimes challenging software issues. Please consult the list below and contact the faculty member directly via email or email CITL to pair you up with someone who can assist you.


Bergen Community College
Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning