College Council

What is the College Council?

The College Council is a newly formed governance body comprised of members of the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and the Staff Senate reporting directly to the college President. It is designed to include the perspectives and viewpoints of the entire college community. The Council will review and make recommendations on issues of college-wide importance including, but not limited to: Facilities and Finance, Planning and Assessment, Community Relations, Health,Safety and the Environment, Campus Culture and Communications, and Policies and Procedures. There is a sub-committee for each of these areas composed of Council members and college personnel from the relevant college departments.

The College Council will facilitate transparent dialogue and communication by creating an integrated voice and utilizing the expertise of the entire college community. The Council will focus on excellence from a college-wide perspective.

How did the College Council come about?

Various constituencies on campus had expressed concerns that BCC needed more inclusive governance, that more voices needed to be heard on issues which are important to all of us. Also, our accrediting agency, the Middle States Association Commission of Higher Education, in response to our self-study report and their site visits, also recommended that our governance system be more inclusive. In Spring 2008 President Ryan commissioned a study group to make recommendations on a college-wide governance body. The study group worked diligently to develop a set of recommendations leading to the formation of the College Council in Spring 2009. In July 2014, President Walter reconstituted the committee to ensure that each college governance organization was represented.

What is the new charge for the College Council?

The College Council is charged to be the college-wide review and recommending body regarding issues that are of concern to the entire college  community. The College Council will focus on the following:

  • College-wide communication
  • Institutional effectiveness/assessment of effectiveness
  • Policy review
  • Employee development and recognition

Bergen Community College
College Council
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