Who’s Who on the Council

College Council Executive Board

  • Mr. Jim Miller, Liaison to President
  • Victor Anaya, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Tobyn DeMarco, Co-Chair
  • Secretary, Vacant

Faculty Senate Members

  • Dr. Alan Kaufman,Chair
  • Professor Brian Cordell, Vice Chair
  • Professor Joan Cohen, Secretary
  • Dr. Tobyn DeMarco, Treasurer
  • Professor Laurie Hodge, Member

Staff Senate Members

  • Mrs. Ruth Ann Greenfield, President
  • Mrs. Catherine Krostek, Vice President
  • Secretary, Vacant
  • Drorit Beckman, Member

Student Government Association Members

  • Mr. Melvis Ventura, President, SGA
  • Ms. Alicia Moran, Vice President
  • Ms. Marlen Herrera, Treasurer/Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Ms. Gabriella Setti, Chief Justice
  • Ms. Azul Cestau-Heredia, Executive Assistant
  • Ms. Rachel Lerner-Colucci, Dean of Student Life/SGA Advisor (non-voting member)