“STEMatics” is Bergen Community College’s $5.3 million Hispanic-Serving Institution Science, Technology, Engineering and Math grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help students succeed in the STEM fields.

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Goal 1

Strengthen Learning Engagement of 2,500+ STEM students (cohorts and beneficiaries) annually; 20% or 2,000 first-time full-time degree seeking STEM students, especially at-risk low-income and/or Hispanic students (30% or 600) during the five year grant period.

Strategy 1: To Engage Students through Active Advising, Learning & Culturally Sensitive Teaching


  1. Testing Supplemental Instruction in Gatekeeper Courses (Randomized Controlled Trial).
  2. Implement Intensive Academic, Transfer & Career Advising.
  3. Professional Development for Culturally Sensitive Teaching Enhancements of the STEM curriculum to target the needs of a culturally diverse student population.
  4. SI will be expanded to include the online platform, allowing access to students with limited on-campus interaction.

Goal 2

Broaden the role of 20 four-year and industry partners, as well as government agencies, to become joint stewards of student success.

Strategy 2: To Expand the Campus’ Reach Into the Hispanic, Corporate, and Higher Education Communities.


  1. Development of a STEM Student Scholars Program in partnership with 4-year colleges and industry through the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey.
  2. Introduction of Engineering Design courses to streamline Engineering student transfer.
  3. Utilize the STEM C2 Research Summit as a platform to showcase Hispanic STEM student talent and Industry Representatives.

Goal 3

Equip STEM students with the financial empowerment necessary to persist through degree completion.

Strategy 3: To Mitigate Financial Burdens


  1. Development of Dual Admissions Agreements with four- year colleges and universities.
  2. Utilization of Open Education Resources (OER) to adopt free vetted on-line textbooks.
  3. Introduction of financial aid and literacy counseling.
  4. Free Accuplacer preparation (EdReady) and Gateway course boot-camps.


Project Narrative – View PDF
STEM Student Scholars Program – View PDF
Goals, Objectives, and Activities
Bridges to the Baccalureate Program
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For more information on how you can get involved in these projects, contact Luis DeAbreu at ldeabreu@bergen.edu or visit the new STEM Learning Center in room S315.