Jessica Montenero - STEM

Jessica Montenero, STEM Counselor 

Jessica Montanaro serves as the STEM Counselor. Her position is dedicated to providing academic and transfer counseling to all STEM students at BCC. She has worked with the community college STEM population for over 2 years and understands their needs and academic challenges. Jessica is dedicated to providing the best possible services and information to students in order to help them successfully complete their degree and transfer to a 4-year institution.



LouisLuis De Abreu, STEM Tutorial Supervisor

Luis De Abreu is a BCC alumnus who graduated with a BA in Finance and Accounting from Rutgers University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering. He is a former professional tutor and Tutorial Supervisor. He has played an integral role in many of the services offered by the Learning/Tutoring Center, and is working to develop new resources to help our STEM students.  Luis is very excited to be part of the STEM team, helping BCC become a popular STEM hub for students in NJ.



Drorit Bechman
Drorit Beckman, Grant Coordinator for STEM “GPS”

Charles Sontag
Charles Sontag, Biology Professor
John Small
John Smalley, Biology Professor 
Judith Fitzpatrick
Judith Fitzpatrick, Biology Professor 
Marty Lowe
Marty Lowe, Biology Professor 
Robert Dill
Robert Dill, Biology Professor