The STEMatics Team

Luis De Abreu
STEMatics Grant Program Director
[email protected]  201-879-1709
Linda Araya
STEM Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
[email protected] 201-879-3559
Jeremy Olivo
STEM Supplemental Instruction Assistant
[email protected] 201-879-7927
Maghavi Patel
STEM Supplemental Instruction Assistant
[email protected] 201-879-1175
Randi Greene
STEM Financial Literacy Center Coordinator and STEM Buyer
[email protected] 201-879-1070
Kristen DeGraff
STEM Counselor
[email protected] 201-879-1170
Majeda Sultana
STEM Counselor
[email protected] 201-879-1156
Christina Sgambellone
STEM Counselor
[email protected] 201-879-7069
Monica Rodriguez
STEM Data Analyst
[email protected] 201-879-7209
Joseph Sivo
3SP Faculty Chair & Curriculum Designer
[email protected] 201-978-5015

3SP Research Faculty

Student Assistants

  • Liz Carola
  • David Crandall