BCC/Englewood Schools GEAR UP

Project GEAR-UP

(Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs)

Award: $1,125,453 Total; $194,778 FY 2005

Funding Source:  US Dept. of Education

Project Director: Jill Cannady, Englewood Public Schools

Principal Investigators: Celeste Finney, Ursula Daniels, Peter Helff

Proposal Abstract :
The Englewood Public Schools/Bergen Community College Gear Up Partnership was awarded $930,675 by the US Department of Education for a five year project to increase student preparation for college application, admission and success through a multi-facetted approach involving the students, families, faculty, educational institutions, community based organizations and professional associations. The successful program was extended for the 2004-2005 year. Major emphasis is on developing student skills and aspirations aligned to successful transition from high school to college.

Partners in the effort include: the Englewood Teachers Association, New Jersey Teachers Association, the National Education Association, Urban League of Bergen County, Hispanic American Alliance, Nubian Academy, Bergen County Retired Teachers Association, and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Bergen County Chapter. Additional partners with join the college and Englewood Public Schools as the project develops.

The program will work toward student outcome goals through a combination of improved instructional programs to meet high academic standards, attention to developing long-term learning goals, fostering peer group support for high achievement, and exposure to the available choices in post-secondary education. Each year the program will work with the families to help with financial planning for college expenses, supporting academic achievement, and building a community of support for the parents in implementing their plans. Community and professional organizations will provide tutors, mentors, learning experiences, and broad community contacts to support and encourage student learning. The Englewood Public Schools and Bergen Community College will develop and implement new programs to bring college faculty to the schools and bring students to the college environment for enrichment and exposure to a different setting for learning.

In implementing the program, the schools and the college will expand use of technology to make learning more available beyond school hours and days. Students will gain extensive experience in the use of computer based technology and information data sources, primarily available through the Internet. Families will participate in many of the learning activities outside of the school setting, especially during the pre-high school years.