Perkins Vocational & Technical Education Grant: FY 2005 Spending Plan

Award: $352,375

Funding Source: U.S. Education Department through the New Jersey Department of Education: Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998
Project Director David Hadaller, Assistant Academic Vice President

Purpose of Perkins Act

The purpose of the 1998 Perkins Act is fourfold: (1) to build on the efforts of states and localities to develop challenging academic standards; (2) to promote the development of services and activities that integrate academic, vocational and technical instruction and that link secondary and postsecondary education; (3) to increase state and local flexibility to provide services and activities; and (4) to disseminate national research and to provide professional development and technical assistance that will improve vocational and technical education programs.

Spending Plan and Background

TheFY 2005 Perkins Spending Planfocuses predominantlyon technical equipment and computer upgrades for the College’s Dental Hygiene Program.

The Bergen Community College Perkins Five-Year Spending Plan (1999-2003 and extended) was developed by representatives from every academic, service, and operational entity in the college, including: Academic Affairs, Administrative Services, Student Services, the three academic divisions; Special Services; the Adult Learning Center; Continuing Education; and Information Technology. In addition, a number of steps were taken to involve parents, students, teachers, representatives of business and industry, labor organizations, representatives of special populations, and other interested individuals in the development, implementation, and evaluation of vocational and technical education programs assisted under this title.

Specific activities for FY 2005 include purchase of laboratory equipment and instructional supplies for the Dental Program, Veterinary Technology program, the Anatomy & Physiology lab for Nursing and Allied Health Programs, and the Exercise Science Program. In addition, travel and summer stipends are included for professional development and curriculum development to strengthen the Allied Health and Manufacturing Program school to career pathways. These expenditures will enable visitations to exemplary vocational programs as well as program improvement efforts that are expected to increase non-traditional participation and compeletion.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you have questions, comments &/or suggestions concerning Bergen Community College Perkins Spending Plan, please contact Dr. William Yakowicz in the Grants Administration Office (Room A-328, Phone 612-5253).

Previous Projects funded by Perkins

Over 90% of Perkins funding to Bergen Community College is invested in new technologies that strengthen career preparation for thousands of students each year. Previous Perkins Program contributions at Bergen include:

  • Deployment of adaptive equipment throughout the college’s computer laboratories, Sidney Silverman Library, and Ciarco Learning Center;
  • Upgrade of computer laboratories and lap-top computers;
  • Upgrade of laboratories supporting a variety of allied health occupations, including Nursing, Radiography, Dental Hygiene, and Veterinary Technology;
  • Acquisition of Local Area Networking equipment;
  • Acquisition of industry-specified equipment, such asComputer Animation, Multimedia and Music Industry Production;
  • Installation of high-technology Greenhouse, Hydroponics, and Horticultural equipment

Planning Committee Members

  • David Hadaller, Assistant Academic Vice President
  • Edward Mather, Dean, Business, Math & Social Science
  • Michael Redmond, Vice President, Technology & Information Services
  • Ilene Kleinman, Director, Continuing Education
  • Ray Smith, Vice President, Student Services
  • Andrew Tomko, Interim Academic Vice President
  • Charles Nurnberger, Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Nancy Carr, Director, Office of Specialized Services
  • Paul Almonte, Dean, Arts & Humanities
  • Walter Hecht, Assistant Dean, Ciarco Learning Center
  • Pat Denholm, Director, Library
  • Lynda Box, Dean, Science & Health
  • William Yakowicz, Director, Grants Administration
  • Robert Coane, Director, Facilities
  • Van Winston, Director, Technology

Carl D. Perkins Grant Spending Plans are developed annually by a representative committee that includes:

  • Three Vice Presidents(Academic Affairs, Administrative Services, and Student Services)
  • Deans of three academic divisions of Sciences and Health, Business, Mathematics, and Social Sciences
  • Departments of Special Services, the Ciarco Learning Center, Continuing Education, Information Technology, and the Library

Students, the WIB, the private sector, and other constituent groups help identify appropriate areas of need for annual spending plans through involvement on advisory committees and are informed of plans through publications, meetings, and the college’s web site.