Fiscal Year 2020 Perkins Funding and Supported Programs

The State of New Jersey Department of Education awarded Perkins Funds for Bergen Community College in the amount of $674,400.00 for Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020). Perkins planning committee priorities for FY 2020 Career and Technical Education (CTE) were determined on the basis of feedback from CTE program advisory committees, departmental and accrediting agency need assessments, and state negotiated program performance outcome measures. The application for 2020 Perkins funding is in two phases, of which this request is for the first, the second is due in June. The full plan is being finalized and adjustments will be made, however, the Perkins Committee recommends the following:

  • Conference, seminar, and workshop attendance and travel as well as on-site industry guest speakers for classroom as well as job fair presentations for students and for professional development and training especially in: nontraditional student recruitment, enrollment, retention, and completion for Career and Technical Education program faculty and staff.
  • 1 Full-Time Career and Technical Education (CTE) Staff — Non-traditional Student Success facilitator
  • Equipment and instructional supplies (microphones, drum sets, guitar amplifiers, speakers, monitors, and software) for Music Technology, Musical Theater, and Graphic Arts programs.
  • 3-D printer, scanner/digitizer, stitching machine, industry / employer guest speakers, and instructional materials / supplies for Fashion Design program.
  • Grain Mill for grinding grain into flour, Steak Locker for dry aging meat, Store and Go Utility Cart, and associated instructional materials and supplies for Hotel Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts program.
  • Vectrax Metal Turning Lathe, Miller Filtair Fume Extractor, and related instrumentation and instructional resources for the Manufacturing Design Program.
  • Additional equipment, supply, and resource options are also expected to be included.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you have questions, comments &/or suggestions concerning Bergen Community College Perkins Spending Plan, please contact Dr. William Yakowicz in the Grants Administration Office (Room A-328, Phone 201-612-5253).