ELMS Resource Envelope Grant

Award: $136,738 (FY 2004 & 2005)

Funding Source: NJ Commission on Higher Education

Project Director
: Bonnie MacDougall

Project Team: Bill Jiang, Leigh Jonaitis, Bob Freud

Project Website:

Proposal Abstract:

Bergen Community College was awarded a grant by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to further build an online system of continuing professional development that enables faculty to strengthen instruction for English Language Minority Students. Developed over the past two years by faculty in the ALP (the ESL program at Bergen Community College), the Resource Envelope (RE), is an online collection of original worksheets and tested classroom activities for immediate use by both full-time and adjunct faculty. Designed to address specific faculty development as well as student learning needs identified in ongoing program assessments and action research, the RE builds upon the success of the College’s Crossover initiative, a recent grant project funded by the Commission on Higher Education. Pilot tested over the last eighteen months, the Resource Envelope shows promise as a system to support faculty and curriculum development. It has generated productive discussions of shared goals across our traditionally separate American Language (ESL), English Basic Skills, and Composition programs. In addition, it serves as an effective vehicle to foster consistency of curricular delivery between different sections of the same course and across the ALP and EBS curricula. It has demonstrated particular value as a powerful resource to support faculty working to facilitate student language production and skills integration.

The project is working to attain the following objectives

  • Deliver training and coaching sessions to 100% of ALP, EBS, and WRT faculty to enable them to integrate Resource Envelope materials into ongoing instructional repertoires.
  • Increase by 50% the number of high-quality instructional resources and course tools developed by faculty for the Resource Envelope.
  • Apply quality control procedures that ensure 100% of Resource Envelope materials are consistent with principles and practices of ELMS education and with criteria developed by the Quality and Pedagogical Guidance (QPG) Team.
  • Develop a user-friendly Resource Envelope format and template that systematically organizes and cross-references materials for easy access by all faculty.
  • Assess the value of the Resource Envelope as a vehicle to support continuing professional development and consistency in curriculum delivery and exit testing.
  • Disseminate findings and materials from the Resource Ejnvelope project via faculty workshops, meetings, and conferences as well as articles, online presentations, and web links.

Project Outcomes:

Highlights: The ALPRE developed into 2 distinct sections: an internet-accessible home page, and the password-protected WebCt section containing faculty-developed materials.By June 2005 an e-reserve bank of readings, on which much of the site’s reading material is based, was established, and several paradigms for interactive presentation of material were created.An unanticipated outcome of the project was the expansion of the discipline-specific ALPRE (American Language Program) into a web home that also includes material for adjuncts working in Basic Skills (EBS) and Composition (WRT), culminating in the re-naming of the site from ALPRE to EDRE (English Department Resource Envelope)