Grants and funding can help support and grow programs and activities. They can also provide extra visibility and credibility both inside and outside of Bergen Community College. The Office of Grants Administration works closely on developing, writing, and submitting a grant. Bergen Community College has produced many successful grant projects, all of which followed a winning step by step process. To help you find and secure a grant for Bergen Community College, please follow the steps listed below and click on the menu links in the sidebar for specific guidance and resources to help you in developing a grant proposal from start to finish.

Grant Proposal Development and Submission Process

  • Step 1: Getting Started – Review the Grant Development Guidelines and Complete the Project Initiation Form
  • Step 2: Meet with the Office of Grants Administration to review your grant proposal and budget
  • Step 3: Identify funding sources for your specific project
  • Step 4: Perform a needs assessment and write the grant
  • Step 5: Submit the final draft of your proposal, including all attachments, to the Office of the Grants Administration for final editing and review at least two weeks before the grant due date. During this time, the Office will refine the proposal, ensuring that all facets are consistent with the grant application. The Office will package the application, obtain final approval and submit the application.

Please review the information and links in the right sidebar for help in searching for funding opportunities, assessing institutional and community needs, developing project concepts, writing project proposals, evaluating funded projects, and learning more about grantsmanship in general.