Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Financial Literacy is to provide support for our students related to Personal Finance and Money Management thereby developing a culture of financial empowerment. We provide learning and support that promotes student persistence in achievement of education and financial goals. We strive to provide students with services and resources to achieve financial stability.

Financial Literacy Center Contact Information:
Randi Greene
STEM Financial Literacy Specialist
Pitkin Education Center, Room A-121
(201) 879-1710

We recommend you review the following financial literacy video playlist.

Student Aid (Grants or Loans): How to Apply for Financial Aid?

  • Bergen Community College’s Federal School Code for the FAFSA® is 004736.

Identity Theft: What is Identity Theft?

Money Basics: How can I manage my money so I can take control of my finances?

Saving and Borrowing Money: Why should I save?

Tips on Saving Money: How can I save Money as a college Student?

Credits Cards:What is a credit Card?

Credits Scoring:What is a credit Score?

Important Financial Concepts and Terms:What is Interest?

Educational Tax Benefits and Credits

FAFSA® Reminder: Complete your FAFSA® Form

The process for obtaining financial aid requires multiple steps.

To apply for financial aid for college, use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.