Hometown: West Orange, NJ
Age: 23
Class of: 2014
Major/Minor: Computer Science/ Management of Information System
E-mail: lmahoulinkponto@my.bergen.edu

Why did you choose to become a member of the School of Honors?
I chose to become a member of honors school because I want to graduate with an honor degree which I believe could offer me several opportunities in my life.

What do you do at Bergen besides attending classes?
Besides attending class I’m a student Technology consultant. I also tutor at Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC) in some computer-programing subjects and in French language as well. The tutoring is a very interesting experience for me because it helps me develop intercultural communication; I have also learned how to easily shift gear from one student to another according to their personal need since not all of them have the same level of difficulties.

What is your favorite quote and why?

My favorite quote is “never give up”. Last semester I have realized that determination is the door that opens upon success. After getting a “D” for unit one and unit two in WRT-101, I wanted to drop out of that class to avoid having a bad grade at the end of the semester, but I couldn’t because, as an international student, I have to maintain twelve credits to keep my status.  Therefore, I decided to try harder, because I did not want to take the class again the following semester. I spent many nights doing my writing assignments; I went to the school’s tutoring center twice for each of my paper and rewrote them before handing them in. The benefit of all this is that I have gotten a higher grade for my subsequent essays a final grade of B+ for this class. Spending many nights struggling to find an appropriate answer for essay assignments and staying at the college until 10PM writing my journals have come to be very enjoyable experiences for me, and have made me come to the conclusion that one should never give up.

What is your advice to prospective students?
My advice for prospective student is to study as much as they can because education guarantees success in life. When you achieve a higher level of education you make difference among ordinary people.