Karli White – Tuscania, Italy – Summer 2016

“I’ve returned from my month in Italy just this past Friday, and I’m still extremely jet lagged! However my experience abroad was amazing, classes went well as far as I’m concerned although they were very demanding since a month is not nearly enough time! I was so caught up in my studies and traveling as much as I could on the weekends that the month just flew right by. I was actually heartbroken to leave Tuscania! I’m really glad I chose Tuscania rather than the larger cities because I traveled to Florence and Rome and it’s chaos there with all the tourists! Tuscania felt like home to me during the month and I’d be blessed to go back there one day.”

Edwina Koch – Paris, France –  Spring 2015

Overall, my time with IPAG was amazing. I am a french and business major and the program at IPAG complimented my studies extremely well. My experience in Paris was everything I could have dreamed and more. That being said, the university is definitely fully immersive and very different from our American education system. As a result, it is important to prepare for a culture shock and an “education shock” if you will.

My experience in Paris has really enriched my international business knowledge and continues to enhance my experiences everyday even as I continue as a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I’m so thankful I get to guard my memories of France in my heart and share them with others who hope to embark on a similar journey!

Thanks for Bergen Community College for the opportunity! I had so so so much fun and made so many cool memories!”

Elizabeth Staub – Seville, Spain, Fall 2014

“There are no words to describe how rewarding it is to explore a foreign city on your own. To get lost in those streets until you know them like the back of your hand. To become incredibly close with a group of like-minded strangers, and break language barriers to form relationships with some truly amazing people. To return home a deeper, more interesting person. You will see things you’d never thought you’d see, and realize that no matter how different another culture may seem at a glance, that people are really all just the same. Talk to locals; ask them what they do, what they think. Try to read, write and speak their language. Listen to their music… eat their food! Don’t just look, but really see and feel where you are, and you’ll have the richest experience. The ways in which southern Spain changed my life are too many to list, but whichever country you choose to get to know, what’s most important is leaving yours behind”.


Ilya Samoylov – Tokyo, Japan, Summer 2014

Studying abroad in Japan is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. My time there was not limited to studying, sightseeing, conversing with natives of Japan, and learning the culture. All of those were just a fraction of what I was fortunate enough to experience. I got the opportunity to do things I didn’t expect. For example, I made friends with people all over the world; China, Korea, USA, UK, and Vietnam just to name a few. I learned about myself and reinforced my ability to live on my own and manage my time more wisely. I learned to speak significantly faster than I would at home because I was constantly using the language not only in class but outside of class as well. In class I was one of only four other english speakers. The rest were from other asian countries with the most being from China. Since the majority of the class didn’t speak English, the only common language among us was Japanese. I was able to live in Tokyo for two months and immerse myself in the customs and culture of Japan. Overall my experience was amazing and life-changing.
I would recommend the study abroad experience to anyone!”

Jenna Farra – Seville, Spain, Summer 2014

Studying abroad in Spain was the best decision I have ever made. Personally, I have grown so much during that one month period. My time in Seville has opened my mind and my heart and I definitely want to pursue other opportunities abroad with my new found love for traveling, experiencing and learning. I felt so content and satisfied with my life during that month and I plan on returning to Spain for a longer period of time in the future. Seville was an amazing city to live and study in as a student. Also, home-stay really was an important and effective part of my trip because it brought me even closer to the Spanish culture and gave me a chance to practice my Spanish language skills in different setting. I definitely recommend studying abroad to all students and especially because there are so many scholarship opportunities to help make this dream a reality!


Veronica Terrana – Florence, Italy, Fall 2013

“My study abroad experience was overall amazing and life changing. I learned and discovered a part of me that I never thought I had. Words can’t describe the places and people I’ve met. Firenze is a breathtaking city with its history, art, culture and most importantly, it’s people. Florence, you stole my heart!”


John Castle -Edge Hill University, England, Spring 2013

“Studying abroad in Ormskirk at Edge Hill University was an unforgettable experience! The people I met and the places I’ve gone are forever engraved in my memory as one of the best times I’ve had in my life. From running in one of the UK’s newest obstacle courses with friends from around the country, to playing Lazer tag and bowling then hitting a pub afterwards. The study abroad experience is a chance of a lifetime to form bonds with friends in a short amount of time, but by the end of it, you feel as if you’ve known them your whole life! This opportunity allows you to explore another region of the world, and immerse yourself in a culture that seems similar, but is totally different from our own”.


Tiffany Loney- London, England, Summer 2012

“I have never traveled alone or ever even been as far as Florida so to me travelling all the way to London by myself is a major accomplishment I am proud to say I have been able to achieve. The experience I got is indescribable and no one will be able to relate to it unless they have experienced it as well. The summer I had has been one of the greatest summers of my life. I got to learn so much about a new country that I knew little to nothing about and I got to learn about different cultures outside of American culture as well. I even learned a lot about myself as a individual that I feel I may not have been able to anywhere else. I grew as a person socially and mentally thanks to this wonderful experience. As well as a learning experience you get to make relationships you weren’t given the opportunity before. I have met so many different people both English and from around America. I have been able to create life long friendships thanks to this program and that in itself should be a reason to study abroad. I can now say that I lived in England, traveled in London on my own and have seen things like the Rosetta stone that people can only imagine. If you have the chance to study abroad no matter where you should take full advantage. The thought of travelling to an unknown place scares a lot of people out of doing this but believe me it is the best decision anyone could make and you would be glad you did. I loved my experience and desperately wish I could go back. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my experience and time in London. No matter where you decide to go, do not be afraid! Take the jump and leave your comfort zone because I guarantee you will not regret it !”

Joseph Cupoli – Tuscania, Italy, Summer 2012

“Tuscania has been the most I have ever been to. This little town really gives you the feel for Italian culture. Lorenzo Di Midici is a world tiny school which offers a lot of great free field trips to the beach and volcanic lakes. It also has the nicest staff always reaching out to give you great advice and guide you along the way. The apartment I stayed in was beautiful and is only about five minutes away from the school. The locals are so friendly here you can just about walk up to anyone and say hello. LDM also provides meal vouchers in which you can get one free meal any day of the week, you get a total of four per week. The teachers are nice to some classes you will find you must work harder than others like the Italian classes but its worth it in the end. Transportation is easy to other cities because you can take a bus to a nearby town and then a train to major cities. I have made great friends here and memories that will last a lifetime. I won’t ever forget Tuscania and I hope someday I can return to this town in the future. I would recommend this place to every student wanting to study abroad because it truly is a life changing experience, you learn so much about your self and others and how to live on your for a month or semester. ”

Niambi Mercado- San Jose, Costa Rica, Spring 2012

(Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Recipient)”Many Bergen Community College students have just graduated high school or are looking for a second chance. In either case the common string that connects them together is the need to do something better or at least different with their lives. Flying thousands of miles away to live in a country radically different from your own, will change your life. It is a must to leave one’s comfort zone in order to experience the world around you. Studying abroad is a great way to explore the world and learn at the same time. This opportunity taught me about myself and showed me what I am missing. I think anyone who truly wants to change their lives should look into studying abroad. Even if you’re on a budget there are ways to fund your trip such as the Gilman Scholarship or financial aid. I loved every minute of it and I cannot wait to do it again.”