• Choice of more than 50 programs in over 25 countries around the world for a semester, summer, or full academic year.
  • Option of living with a host family: Many programs feature this option, which accelerates foreign language acquisition and gives in-depth knowledge of another culture.
  • Access to student services: CCIS programs offer many extra features, such as orientation, on-site support and academic counseling, social activities, field trips and excursions.
  • Wide range of courses: Curricular options include intensive foreign language courses as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences, physical sciences, business, studio art and design, and marketing.
  • Entry in programs at all language levels: Foreign language courses are required in non-English speaking countries as part of the semester program; students can start at any level, from elementary to advanced.
  • Competitive Costs: Costs vary, depending on the cost of living and currency exchange rates in various countries, but CCIS programs are generally very affordable compared with many other overseas study programs.
  • Assistance with credit transfer.
  • Eligibility for many forms of financial aid.

Learn more about the programs offered by CCIS on their Web site at http://www.ccisabroad.org.