Making the transition from high school to college may be challenging and sometimes difficult.  Students must adjust to new academic standards, make new friends, and make appropriate decisions about important events, often for the first time in their lives.   As students enter college, they make career, academic, and personal decisions that may impact them for many years to come.

As college students, the responsibility now lies with the student to make the most informed choices available and to seek assistance when needed.  Roles of the parents change dramatically in the college environment, but it continues to be an important one.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is finding the necessary support to help understand and respond to these changes.  The Division of Student Affairs will play a large role in this transition process.  We offer a myriad of services to help support your student as they begin this new phase in their lives.

Experience has shown us that when students experience problems or have concerns, their parents are the ones they turn to. So we want to provide you with information to support their success. 

As your student begins college, we want to support YOU as you support your student. We hope to alleviate some of the anxiety you may feel by providing information that eases the process as your student becomes our College student. 

We wish your student much success here at Bergen Community College and trust this information is helpful.

The Academic Advising Team

Parents Introduction PDF

College 101 for Parents – 1st Steps PDF

College 101 for Parents – Academic Standing PDF

College 101 for Parents – Financial Aid PDF

College 101 for Parents – Transferring to a 4 Year College/University PDF