1. Information for High School Students and Graduates

To High School Students and Graduates:
NJ STARS General Flyer Final 4-27-17
In February, letters were sent out by the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) to high school students who qualified for the NJ STARS program as prospective NJ STARS students at the end of their junior year.

Letters were sent from Bergen Community College on March 1st to those prospective NJ STARS students which included the HESAA NJ STARS Fact Sheet for 2017 High School Graduates, the NJ STARS Application Process Checklist, and an NJ STARS Application/Contract.

If you receive a letter from Bergen Community College, read the enclosed NJ STARS Fact Sheet for 2017 High School Graduates carefully to be sure you meet the eligibility requirements.  For more information, please visit the NJ STARS Eligibility Requirements for New and Transfer Students webpage.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please read the letter and attachments carefully since these documents contain important information including requirements that must be met to be officially certified as an NJ STARS student, as well as requirements necessary to maintain eligibility in the NJ STARS program.  For more information, please visit the NJ STARS How to Apply to the NJ STARS Program webpage.

Students and parents of students who may be eligible and are interested in the NJ STARS program at Bergen Community College should self identify by email to [email protected], or call 201-689-7055 so their college records can be flagged as Prospective NJ STARS students, and they will be added to the NJ STARS email list to receive important announcements regarding upcoming deadlines, NJ STARS Information Sessions, registration dates, etc.

What if You Do Not Receive a Letter from HESAA or Bergen Community College?
If you did not receive a letter from HESAA or Bergen Community College by the end of March and believe you should have, please check with your high school guidance department to see if you ranked in the top 15% of your class at the end of your junior year.  If you did not qualify at the end of your junior year, you can still qualify if you rank in the top 15% of your class at the end of your senior year.

Students whose names are not on the HESAA list of qualifying junior high school students but should have been and students who qualify at the end of their senior year are potentially eligible for the NJ STARS Program. However, these students will need to provide proof of their class rank and class size either 1) on an official final signed and sealed transcript, or 2) in a signed letter from their high school on the high school’s letterhead, sealed with the school seal.

Students who already graduated and are within five semesters from high school graduation are also potentially eligible for the NJ STARS Program.  These students may also need to provide proof of their class rank and class size (see above) depending upon whether or not these students are listed on a previous HESAA list of qualifying junior high school students.

Need More Information?
Students who have not applied to Bergen Community College yet but are interested in learning more about the program can attend an NJ STARS Information Session and/or an NJ STARS Workshop at the Paramus Campus

For information on upcoming events, please visit the NJ STARS Events webpage.  Bergen County high school guidance offices are also mailed and emailed flyers listing upcoming events.

For additional information regarding the NJ STARS program, please visit, and/or look over the HESAA NJ STARS brochure.

If you would like to be added to the NJ STARS email list to receive NJ STARS announcements and important information, please email [email protected].