Self Service

Welcome to Bergen Community College’s self service information page.
The Self Service tool is accessible directly from (student portal). You will need your log in information, such as your username and password.
New applicants will have this emailed to them within a few business days. Continuing student would already have this. If not contact the Help Desk.

We recommenced you view the following videos.
For closed captioning, feel free to use the YouTube Subtitles/Closed Caption (cc) functionality.

1. Introducing Self-Service

2. How to Log In

3. Add Classes to Timeline Using Course Plan

4. Add Classes Using my Progress

5. Use the Course Catalog to Search & Add Classes

You will find the latest information on this page on the use of the new Self Service option. It is not an understatement to say that this will change the way you will navigate, plan and perform basic enrollment functions.

Through Self Service you will be able to review your tuition bill, financial aid, review classes you’ve taken and want to take, and even start process for graduation. Most importantly you’ll be able to register (add and drop) and make payment.

Here are additional Self-Service reference materials:

While a large part of the content on this page will not change, you are advised to come back to see what’s new on a regular basis.

Outlets for information are vast and using applications such as YouTube, is most assuredly a great way to attain information on how to use tools. Our staff are ready to assist you in any way we can to help you get accustomed to this improvement. We believe in a relatively short period of time, and through your willingness to explore this service, you’ll come to depend on its functionality.

Colleague Student Planning Introduction