Interpreter Expectations

(as per the RID Code of Professional Conduct)

  • Interpreters are expected to respect the confidentiality of students and program. Information disclosed to interpreters should not be shared with any parties with the exception of program staff on an as needed basis. Although confidentiality is a professional courtesy extended to consumers, interpreters should inform students of situations when they will be required to report disclosed information.
  • Interpreters are expected to render messages faithfully, including all aspects of the message, in the language of the student; errors should be corrected quickly and quietly. Interpreters are to refrain from providing counsel or advice to students, rather referrals to the appropriate program staff should be provided.
  • Interpreters are expected to present themselves in a professional demeanor and appearance. Interpreters are to arrive on time to assignments, make necessary adaptations, know ones limitations, and be apprised of the workplace policies. Interpreters are encouraged to disclose and/ or avoid dual or conflicting roles and request support when needed. Interpreters are to refrain from using confidential interpreted information from personal, monetary, or professional gain. Interpreters are to refrain from harassing and/or coercing students and their decisions for any reason.
  • Interpreters are expected to demonstrate respect for the students, staff, instructors and other professionals at the college. Interpreters are to honor student preferences and/or requests, with regards to language preferences, and render the message accordingly. Interpreters are to obtain permission from Deaf Services prior to bringing interns to assignments. Interpreters are expected to facilitate communication access and equality, and empower students to be independent consumers.
  • Interpreters are expected to demonstrate a civil and professional demeanor towards colleague at all times. Interpreters are encouraged to assist and encourage peers and collaborate as needed to foster the delivery of effective interpreting services. Approaching colleagues privately to discuss breaches of ethical or professional conduct is encouraged; only after unsuccessful attempts to resolve conflicts should formal reports be brought to the attention of Deaf Services.
  • Interpreters are expected to honor assignment commitments for the duration of the semester; immediate notification should be provided when you will be late or unable to attend the assignment. Interpreters are expected to promote effective interpreting conditions; and decline or stop conditions that are not safe, healthy, or conducive to effective interpreting; Interpreters are to inform immediate and/or program staff of problem in order to seek remedies.
  • Interpreters are expected to maintain and develop their interpreting competencies and keep abreast of relevant laws, policies, rules and regulations that impact employment at the college.

Policies & Procedures

  1. Interpreters are hired on a semester basis; and will be booked for 14 out of the 15 week semester. The final week of the semester interpreters will be booked on a class by class basis.
  2. Payment will be at the hourly rate of $60.00 to $75.00 for Certified Interpreter and $65.00 for non-Certified Interpreter,  with a two hour minimum. Checks will be issued two times a month. Classes booked with a minimum of two hours break will be paid as two separate assignments.
  3. The Interpreters are to report to the Deaf Services for re-assignment if classes are canceled or students are no shows.
  4. When possible, the Deaf Services will provide the Interpreter with forty-eight (48) hours’ notice when services will not be needed. This will free the Deaf Services from obligation to pay for services. In the event that a sudden illness or class cancellation makes services for a scheduled assignment unnecessary on short notice (less than 48 hours), the Interpreter will be obligated to cover any other assignment request. If the interpreter declines this request, he/she will not be paid for originally scheduled assignment.
  5. Interpreters are to wait for students outside the classroom. Interpreters will wait 10 minutes for each class hour, and if the student or instructor does not show up, you will report to the Deaf Services to complete a “Teacher/Student NO SHOW” form on-line; additionally check for a possible reassignment.
  6. In the event a student withdraws from a class or a class is cancelled for the semester, the Interpreter will first be reassigned. If reassignment is not possible, the Interpreter will be paid for the next two (2) times he/she was scheduled to work in that particular class.
  7. All Interpreters are expected to honor their commitments for the full semester. Absences are to be reserved for unexpected or emergency circumstances. In the event the Interpreter cannot cover his/her assignment, the Interpreter is expected to secure his/her own substitute by listing a request via interpreter google group. Once said Interpreter has a committed substitute he/she is required to report this information via email immediately to Deaf Services and to the team Interpreter as well. If an interpreter has more than 2 absences, Deaf Services reserves the right to dismiss said interpreter from all assignments.
  8. Interpreters are expected to attend class on time. Two documented late arrivals without appropriate notification will result in immediate removal from the assignment.
  9. Interpreters unable to continue with assignments are required to provide one week written notice submitted to the Program Director. Deaf Services will obtain permanent replacements. The interpreter will be paid up to the day of replacement.
  10. The Interpreter will not be paid when the college is closed for snow days, holidays and emergencies. Interpreters are responsible to check closing information. Closing information will be available on radio stations WABC 770, WCBS 889, WOR 710, WMCA 570, Cablevision (Channel 0) and on the college website at WWW.BERGEN.EDU. Interpreters will be paid for early dismissal days if he/she is already on campus, up to the time of closing if he/she is scheduled.
  11. Interpreters will not interpret written exams into ASL or any form of sign language: only verbal instructions should be interpreted.
  12. Interpreters will not provide tutoring, academic help, or personal support for students under any circumstances. Violations of said policy and breech of the Code of Professional Conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  13. Interpreters will not engage in conversations with professors or staff about students which they are providing interpreting services. Interpreters are to refer inquiries to Deaf Services.
  14. Interpreters are to adhere and uphold policies of the Deaf Services and the RID Code of Professional Conduct. Violations and/or breeches of contract may result in immediate dismissal.

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