Sparsh GandhiBergen Community College student, Sparsh Gandhi, is studying computer science to pursue a career as a software developer. “I chose Bergen Community College because it was the best fit for me,” said Gandhi. As an active student on campus, Gandhi is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the STEM program, and the 3SP program at Bergen. Gandhi was able to gain professional experience by working as a student tutor and supplemental instruction leader on campus. “It offered all of the resources and opportunities that I was looking for at a much more affordable price point,” said Gandhi. When asked about what made him successful at Bergen, Gandhi said “Bergen strives for success. You name it, they have it!”



Gandhi provided a list citing several opportunities that Bergen offered him to excel in his field:Sparsh Gandhi

  • One of the best STEM programs and summer internship
  • Tutoring and SI leader job experience
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Opportunity to work with special needs students in the Turning Point Program
  • Scholarships and Bergen Cares program provided college supplies and buss pass assistance
  • Friendly teachers and academic counselors
  • Engaging campus experience and much more

Gandhi said, “In my opinion, Bergen has one of the best college experiences and it [Bergen] is way better than many other 4-year institutions.” He expects to graduate in Spring 2023.

Sparsh Gandhi