As defined by the search policy, the 15-person committee features four board of trustee members, three faculty members and one individual from each of the College’s professional and support bargaining units, its deans, directors, Bergen Community College Foundation board members and Student Government Association. The committee also includes one member of the public-at-large and Bergen County government.

  • Trustees (4) – Gerard L. Carroll, Dorothy Blakeslee, Ritzy Moralez-Diaz, Mark Longo
  • Faculty (3) – Dr. Christine Eubank, Dr. Alan Kaufman, Dr. Fred Marton
  • Professional (1) – Deborah Michels
  • Support (1) – Gerri Farrell
  • Deans (1) – Jennifer Migliorino-Reyes
  • Directors (1) – Wilton Thomas-Hooke
  • Foundation (1) – John Johnson
  • Student Government (1) – Laila Metwaly
  • Public (1) – Name Unavailable
  • Bergen County (1) – Sheriff Anthony Cureton

The committee will review candidate applications, select interviewees and interview candidates.

Additionally, the institution has retained the Pauly Group, Inc., one of the nation’s most respected academic search consultants, to support certain aspects of the process – including guidance on presidential benefits/compensation, recruitment advertising and candidate reference checks.

Pauly Group has provided community and technical colleges with ideal candidates for more than 25 years. Through careful planning and an established process, it helps colleges find the perfect leader to fit in their organization and help them thrive and succeed.