Dontae Trench Dontae Trench - "Top community college in New Jersey with a great campus, teachers, and affordability."
Sparsh Gandhi Sparsh Gandhi - "Bergen has one of the best college experiences!"
Sophia Marquez Sophia Marquez - “Bergen has helped me form strong bonds with amazing people, teachers, coaches, and others.”
Margo Cusco Margo Cusco - "I owe all my success to the dedicated staff members and professors..."
Liangy Gomerez Liangy Gomerez - "...I wouldn’t be who I am as of now."
Karla Santamaria Karla Santamaria - “...I fell in love with the campus and how everybody was so welcoming."
Jaykson Metaute Jaykson Metaute - “What has made me successful at Bergen are the people I’ve met who are very friendly..."
Sultan Kahloon Sultan Kahloon - "It is an educational crossroads where all things are possible."
TaylorLee White TaylorLee White - "I want to further my education and begin my career to excel."
Abubacar Keita Abubacar Kieta - "I needed a fresh start and Bergen was the perfect place to ease into the college life."
Mahek Shah Mahek Shah - "Bergen has a great campus and faculty"
Teresa Petrazzuolo Teresa Petrazzuolo - "I saw my two older brothers go through Bergen and attend prestigious universities..."
Anthony De Franco Anthony De Franco - "I am helping our deaf communities in New Jersey."
Ryo Murao Ryo Murao - "Bergen had the resources for me to prepare to transfer to a four-year college."
Kate Del Castillo Kate Del Castillo - "...I'll never give up and I know I am getting there!"
Annie Echeverry Annie Echeverry - "My personal dedication and determination has made me successful at Bergen."
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista - "From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here."
Joanna Augelletta Joanna Augelletta - "Bergen allows me to explore different career options."
Joshua Rota-Tebb Joshua Rota-Tebb - "I came to Bergen out of necessity, but stayed because of the people I met here."
Petar Petroski Petar Petroski - "Bergen offers an amazing education at a 2-year institution at a better price."
Devon Cafaro Spotlight Devon Cafaro - "Bergen truly changed my college experience..."
Maciej Szajwaj Spotlight Maciej Szajwaj - "The clinical and classroom experience at Bergen has given me the fundamental pieces of education I needed..."
Sharon Mancini Spotlight Sharon Mancini - "Bergen Community College offered me the starting point on a career in nursing that has now spanned over 30 years..."
Ellen Denuto Faculty Spotlight Ellen Denuto - "I shared my knowledge and expertise in traditional photography practices and provided a historic context for students..."
Keanu Carbon Spotlight Keanu Carbon - "Bergen Community College gave me a new beginning..."
Hamza Chah Spotlight Hamza Chah - "...Without this experience, I would not be the outgoing student I am today..."
Laila Metwaly Spotlight Laila Metwaly - "The NJ STARS program and scholarship allowed me to fully focus on my education and academics at Bergen..."
Bryant Gomez Spotlight Bryant Gomez - "My time at Bergen led me to become the leader and scholar that I always wanted to be..."
Amirah Elayan Spotlight Amirah Elayan - "My time in the JKW School of Honors boosted my confidence as a student..."
Jenna Santacroce Spotlight Jenna Santacroce - "NJ Stars enabled me to focus on my studies, extracurricular activities, and personal and professional development..."
Natasha Pineiros Spotlight Natasha Piñeiros - "Knowing I had the financial backing of NJ STARS, I was able to focus my energy on my academics and student involvement..."
Genesis Capellan Spotlight Genesis Capellan - "NJ STARS gave me the opportunity to begin my college experience without any debt..."
Mikiko Freund Spotlight Mikiko Freund - "I would not be where I am today without NJ STARS..."
Paige Kim spotlight profile Paige Kim - "Bergen Community College provides me with rare learning opportunities..."
Steven Korvin spotlight portrait Steven Korvin - "Bergen’s computer science department has allowed me to partake in... computer programming and information security, which are two things that I have always been interested in.”
Juliana Pinto spotlight portrait Juliana Pinto - "My small business is my passion"
Diego Garces spotlight portrait Diego Garces - "Bergen introduced me to a whole world of possibilities and cultures."
Hyejin Kim spotlight portrait HyeJin Kim - "Bergen's computer science program provides research internship opportunities for students during the summer."
Nalby Kadkoui spotlight portrait Nalby Kadkoui - "Bergen allowed me to gain practical experience and innovate while earning an amazing education."
Ymer Dinoshi spotlight portrait Ymer Dinoshi - "There are many tutors who are dedicated to the students at the CLAC. I hope they can get the same recognition as me."
Katie Conte Katie Conte - "Bergen is more than an investment in knowledge, it is an investment in the future."
Portrait of Giovanna Young Giovanna Young - "The professors are very supportive and invested in your success by always encouraging you to do your best."
Lindsey Njanja - “I met amazing professors who were willing to nurture my talents and mold me into the person I am today.”
Maria De Abreu Pineda Profile Picture Maria De Abreu Pineda - “Bergen provided me with a strong academic foundation and a set of tools that have allowed me to succeed academically and professionally. .."
Robin Yoo Profile Picture Robin Yoo - "At Bergen I found unimaginable personal growth and an inspiring community of passionate and driven individuals..."