Scheduling a Virtual Appointment to Take the Accuplacer Placement Test

Step #1- Check for Waiver

  • Please refer to the Placement Test and Waiver page to see our waiver policy. You may not need to take the placement test at all. This does not refer to a fee waiver.
  • If you do submit a waiver request, please wait until you receive your results before proceeding to Step #2 and 3.

Step #2- Check which test you need to take:

A. Accuplacer ALP (ESL)

  • Non-native speaker residents of the U.S. for fewer than 8 years and not a U.S. high school graduate
  • Non-native speaker U.S. high school graduates with 1 or 2 years in a U.S. high school
  • International students on F1 visas
  • Non-native speakers who took the GED or HSE in a language other than English

B. Accuplacer English Basic Skills

  • Non-native speaker residents of the U.S. for more than 8 years
  • U.S. high school graduates with 3-4 years in a U.S. high school
  • Non-native speakers who took the GED or HSE in English and passed
  • Native speakers

C. Challenge Tests

Step #3 – Fill out Google Form to Request Testing Appointment

  • If you need take the placement test remotely because you do not qualify for any waivers or only a partial waiver please fill out the Accuplacer Voucher form:

Accuplacer Voucher Request Form

  • Please allow up to 2-3 business days to process the request. Any incorrect or missing information on the form may delay processing time.

Step # 4- Receive Accuplacer Voucher Code

  • Once we verify your info, you will receive an email from Accuplacer ( with instructions on how to schedule your test with Examity.

Step # 5- Register with Examity

  • We will administer your Accuplacer test(s) using a remote proctoring service.
  • To get started, go to to register for an account.

Step # 6- Log into Examity and schedule your exam using the voucher number provided

  • You may take your ACCUPLACER test at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You must book an appointment in advance.

Note: You must schedule and complete your placement test prior to the voucher expiration date.

  • Students are not permitted to use a cellphone to take the placement test.

Step # 7- Make Payment

  • The cost of the remote placement test is $25.00 and will be paid once you schedule your appointment with Examity.
    Note: Effective September 1, 2024 the $28 fee will be required.

Step # 8 – Study and Prepare

Step # 9 – Examity Resources

Step # 10 – Meet with an Academic Advisor

NOTES/Disability Services
– Prior to taking any tests in Testing Services, contact the Office of Specialized Services at regarding your IEP/504 documents or questions about testing accommodations.
– You may also visit the Disability Services (Office of Specialized Services) Web page ( for the accommodation process information.