The Testing and Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands provides testing and tutorial services to students at BCC’s Meadowlands campus in Lyndhurst.

Testing Center – Room L-201

The purpose of the Testing Center is to administer and proctor tests on behalf of faculty. At the present time, our services include:

  • General testing
  • Make-up exams or retests
  • Special Accommodations Testing (Extended time, calculator use, etc.)
  • For students registered with Office of Specialized Services who are eligible for extended time for an exam.

All instructors must complete the “Examination Administration Request Form” for each test to be administered. It is important that this form be completed clearly; please write the full name of the faculty member and the student. All tests must be submitted to me, along with any materials the student will need (blue book, Scantron, charts, etc).

Tutoring Center – Room L202A

This semester, we are offering tutoring in: Math, English, Writing, and Humanities. Additional tutors will be hired for other courses based on student demand.

  • English tutoring available for: EBS and WRT classes, as well as assistance in Humanities courses such as Sociology, History, Psychology, etc.
  • Math tutoring is available for: MAT 011, 032, 040, 048, 130, 150, and 180

Faculty and students alike are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

For more information please contact:

Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands
LYN-202 – (201) 493-4096