One Stop

BCC’s new One Stop model was designed with one thing in mind; to improve the student experience at Bergen Community College. The concept is simple; rather than visiting three different offices or waiting on long lines, students can now come to the One Stop area to take care of Registration, Financial Aid and Bursar questions or transactions.

How does the One-Stop work?

Students can use the touchscreen at a Kiosk on campus:

  • Students indicate the type of service needed: Bursar, Financial Aid or Registration. 
  • Students choose to get a text message and take a paper ticket which displays their place in the queue.
  • A text alert and TV monitors around the college will show how the queue is moving.

Once alerted, students are directed to the One-Stop area and will have their transaction completed and questions answered. No more standing in long lines!

Where is the One Stop Area?

The One-Stop is found in two locations:

  • On the first floor of the Pitkin Education building. Just look for the One-Stop signs and numbered windows.
  • On the first floor at the Meadowlands/Lyndhurst Student lounge

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NEW! Check out the Department of Education’s Financial Counseling. It helps you plan your budget, determine how much you need to borrow and gives you important information you need to know about financial aid.