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Our Faculty

The World Languages and Cultures discipline has highly qualified faculty with extensive teaching experience.

Full Time Faculty

Prof. Alex Birdsall-Griffiths
Assistant Professor of American Sign Language
Office location: L327
Phone: 201-447-9283
Email: [email protected]Prof. Tiziana Quattrone
Associate Professor of Italian (Department Chair)
Office location: A328
Phone: 201-493-3647
Email: [email protected]
Prof. Amparo Codding
Professor of Spanish (Dean, Arts, Humanities and Wellness)
Office location: A-304 Paramus, NJ
Phone: 201.447.7133
Email: [email protected]Dr. Laura Ruderman
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office location: L327
Phone: 201-689-7052
Email: [email protected]Prof. Cesarina Viñas
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office location:  L327
Phone: 201-612-5323
Email: [email protected]


Reiko Kawahara
Office location: A305
Email: r[email protected]

Miren Hodgson
Office location:  A305
Email: [email protected]

Sarah Malkowski
Office Location: A305
[email protected]

Adjunct Faculty

  • Naoko Akai-Dennis
  • Lamya Allan
  • Djamileh Bahrami
  • Vivian Bassily
  • Irena Bejo
  • Alphonse Dattolo
  • Tiziana Difirma
  • Estelle Epstein
  • Aurora Genova
  • Siran Grigorian
  • Jacqueline Habra
  • Yan He
  • Peter Iachetti
  • Olga Kulko
  • Esther Lara
  • Lourdes Lopez
  • Mary Malkowski
  • Mario Maximous
  • Linda Meisel
  • Mohamed Mesloub
  • Waly Niane
  • Mariemma Nieto
  • Jane Park
  • Claudia Perez
  • Guillermo Rodriguez
  • Matthew Runyon
  • Alicyn Sabol
  • Yana Samuel
  • Laura Schneider
  • Mazooz Sehwail
  • Jacqueline Sellin
  • Takako Tanohara
  • Wong Young Chang
  • Qing Yu
  • Mara Zuckerman