Health professions or health care professions is a program of study that prepares students to become medical or wellness professionals.

  • Dental Hygiene

    Dental Hygiene

    Students interested in oral hygiene can study dental hygiene to become a registered dental hygienist.
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography

    Diagnostic Medical Sonography

    Students interested in sonography can study diagnostic medical sonography to become a registered professional in the field.
  • Medical Office Assistant

    Medical Office Assistant

    Students interested in administrative, clinical, and management duties in healthcare can be trained in medical office duties to become a certified medical assistant.
  • Nursing


    Students interested in nursing can pursue training either as a day or evening student to become a registered nurse.
  • Paramedic Science

    Paramedic Science

    Students interested in providing emergency life support to patients in the pre-hospital environment can study to become licensed EMT’s and paramedics.
  • Radiation Therapy

    Radiation Therapy

    Students who are registered or registry-eligible radiologic technologists can study radiation therapy to help treat cancer to become certified in the field.
  • Radiography


    Students interested in the medical imaging profession can study radiography to become certified radiologists in the field.
  • Respiratory Care

    Respiratory Care

    Students interested in respiratory care therapies and modalities can study to become certified respiratory care therapists in the field.
  • Surgical Technology

    Surgical Technology

    Students interested in surgical technology can study to become surgical technologists in the field.
  • Veterinary Technology

    Veterinary Technology

    Students interested in animals and animal welfare can study to become veterinary technologists in the field.
  • Wellness and Exercise Science

    Wellness and Exercise Science

    Students interested in wellness, exercise science, and sports can study to enter the health and athletic fields.