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Welcome to Bergen Community College! In choosing Bergen, you have made a decision to attend one of the nation’s finest two-year colleges that will prepare you for an associate degree or certificate as you plan to transfer to a four-year school or enter a career.

At Bergen, you will find an engaged faculty, supportive services and diverse activities that contribute to your college experience.

Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for joining our Bergen community.

Cost of Attendance

Calculate your cost of attendance and pay your tuition bill.

Financial Aid Information

File your FAFSA and determine your financial aid award.

New Student Advising

Meet with an academic advisor to receive guidance to plan out your major, course of study, and educational goals.

15 to Graduate

15 to Graduate

Fast-track your path to graduation and launch your career sooner by taking 15 college-level credits per semester.

Open House

Join us for an expansive open house designed to showcase all that Bergen has to offer. Prospective students, families, and community members are welcomed to attend.

Campus Tours

Join us for a tour of the main campus.


Take academic testing for proficiency, placement, challenge, waiver, special accommodations, and other course required testing.

What Should I Study?

Use the Career Center to determine your interests, skills, and strengths in relation to work to help guide you to potential career choices.

Academic Programs

Browse, select, and determine your academic program or career of study at Bergen.

Tuition-Free College

Learn about the New Jersey Community College Opportunity Grant and see if you qualify for a tuition-free college education experience at Bergen.

Visiting Students

Register for winter and summer courses at Bergen if you are a visiting student from another institution.

Additional Information:

  • NJ STARS: The New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ STARS) Program is an initiative created by the State of New Jersey that provides New Jersey’s highest achieving students with free tuition at their home county college for 12-18 college-level credits in the fall and spring semesters for up to five semesters.
  • Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program: The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund was created by law in 1968 to ensure meaningful access to higher education for those who come from backgrounds of economic and educational disadvantage.