Prior to Advising

During the Meeting with an Advisor

  • Review placement results
  • Confirm program of study
  • Create first term course plan
  • Begin to create an educational plan
  • Connect you with campus resources

Notes: Placement must be completed & Self Service access is required for advising.

After Advising

  • Go to Self Service Plan & Register and follow the advising plan to create your schedule. Search the days/times of each class & select.
  • Register for your classes in Self Service.
  • Check your Tuition Bill in Self Service Student Finance
  • Be sure to meet tuition deadlines

Sign up for Emergency Alert Notifications

  • Reminder: If you decide not to attend BCC: clear your account!
    – Be sure to drop all classes. Official withdrawals information can be found at
    – Make sure your tuition account is updated: review your student account summary for accuracy and make arrangements for any outstanding balance, if applicable.
    Failure to do so, may result in tuition charges or fees.

Most of changes can be done through Self Service. For assistance, contact Registration Office ( to submit a remote withdrawal form.