If a student does not want to remain in class, the student must officially withdraw.
Failure to officially withdraw will result in a financial obligation to the college, whether or not the student attends class.

None of the following reasons waive your responsibility for payment of tuition:

  • Not paying your bill
  • Not receiving a bill in the mail – we do not mail tuition bills
    • If you register in person, you will receive your bill at the time you register
    • If you register via the web, you must check the Account Summary page (Student Finance/Payments >Financial information > Account Summary by Term) and then follow  the Make a Payment option, to secure your registration.
  • Receiving notice that you will be dropped from your classes
  • Not receiving financial aid
  • Not attending classes
  • Not fulfilling your AMS obligation

Course Drop/Withdrawal Options

To withdraw from classes, feel free to use one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Log on to your Bergen Portal account and drop the class.
    Please be advised that if you drop via the Bergen Portal, you must confirm the drop and verify  “My Class Schedule” link, just to make sure if  the current schedule is updated accordingly.
    Don’t forget to check/view your Student Finance/account summary statement.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to search, register, add or drop a class can be found at www.bergen.edu/selfservice
  • Option 2: Go to the college’s One-Stop Center/Registration Office located in Pitkin Education Center for in-person assistance.

Please refer to the Registration Calendars for official withdrawal deadline dates and refund policy.

Failure to officially withdraw from classes will have a negative effect on your GPA (Grade Point Average).

Official withdrawal deadlines are applicable/effective (No money back, No withdrawals, No grade of “W” after this date) for all locations.

For additional deadlines information and important dates to remember relevant to a particular semester, feel free to visit the “Registration Calendar and Forms” Web page and review the calendar linked to the actual semester/term/session (under the “Terms” content section).

Withdrawal Offices

Students should refer to the following offices for questions and assistance withdrawing from the course or the College:

Student Status Location Room
AIMS Program Students English Department A-333
EOF Program Students EOF Office C-100
International Students on F-1 Visa International Student Center SC-110
Students with documented disabilities Disability Services/OSS Office L-115
Health Professions Students withdrawing from one or more courses Center for Student Success/Counseling Center One Stop Center
Full-time matriculated/degree-seeking students Center for Student Success/Counseling Center One Stop Center
All Other Students Enrollment Services/Bergen Portal |Self Service One Stop Center

NOTE: Students receiving financial aid assistance, scholarships or participating in specific programs including NJStars, Athletics, Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program, Veterans, students receiving OSS accommodations, F-1 international students, Honors, STEM, Title V, Summer Intensive, etc...  must contact the respective office/department or academic counselors prior to any withdrawal action.

Late Withdrawal Procedures

Only the Tuition Appeal Committee can determine if a student is eligible for a refund falling outside of the published refund schedule on the academic calendar.
Prior to the withdrawal deadline, students who cannot withdraw via Bergen Portal (Self-Service) can seek an assistance of a counselor.

Withdrawal Deadlines

For official withdrawal dates and deadlines for current semester/sessions, refer to the Registration Calendars ( www.bergen.edu/regcal).
The “Registration Changes (Add/Drop)” period/dates for the current semester are also included in the aforementioned Registration Calendars.