If a student does not want to remain in class, the student must officially withdraw.
Failure to officially withdraw will result in a financial obligation to the college, whether or not the student attends class.

None of the following reasons waive your responsibility for payment of tuition:

  • Not paying your bill
  • Not receiving a bill in the mail – we do not mail tuition bills
    • If you register in person, you will receive your bill at the time you register
    • If you register via the web, you must check the Account Summary page (Self-Serve Student Quick Access Menu > Student Finance/Payments >Financial information > Account Summary by Term) and then use the Make a Payment page, to secure your registration.
  • Receiving notice that you will be dropped from your classes
  • Not receiving financial aid
  • Not attending classes
  • Not fulfilling your AMS obligation


Withdrawal Offices

Students should refer to the following offices for questions and assistance withdrawing from the course or the College:

Student Status Location Room
AIMS Program Students English Department A-333
EOF Program Students EOF Office C-100
International Students on F-1 Visa International Student Center SC-110
Students with documented disabilities Disability Services/OSS Office L-115
Health Professions Students withdrawing from one or more courses Center for Student Success/Counseling Center One Stop Center
Full-time matriculated/degree-seeking students Center for Student Success/Counseling Center One Stop Center
All Other Students Enrollment Services/Bergen Portal |Self Service One Stop Center

NOTE: Students receiving financial aid assistance, scholarships or participating in specific programs including NJStars, Athletics, Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program, Veterans, students receiving OSS accommodations, F-1 international students, Honors, STEM, Title V, Summer Intensive, etc...  must contact the respective office/department or academic counselors prior to any withdrawal action.

Late Withdrawal Procedures

Only the Tuition Appeal Committee can determine if a student is eligible for a refund falling outside of the published refund schedule on the academic calendar.
Prior to the withdrawal deadline, students who cannot withdraw via Bergen Portal (Self-Service) can seek an assistance of a counselor.

Withdrawal Deadlines

For official withdrawal dates and deadlines for current semester/sessions, refer to the Registration Calendars ( www.bergen.edu/regcal).
The add/drop period/dates for the current semester are also included in the aforementioned Registration Calendars.