Information about the “Graduation Policy“, “Graduation Residency Policy” can be found in the College catalog.

Graduation Readiness Checklist

To verify the graduation readiness, we recommend the students to:

  1. Meet with an Academic Counselor/Advisor for any questions or assistance regarding the academic program (degree or certificate) requirements review/verification (degree-audit).
    Academic advisors’s contact information can be found at ;
  2. Resolve any outstanding issues (e.g. Holds, tickets, unreturned college sport equipment, overdue library items,  or outstanding balance…) that could potentially prevent the diploma to be released ;
  3.  Confirm the graduation information online using the Bergen Portal/Graduation Overview (online form) before the end of the semester of completion.
    Hints: Log on your Bergen Portal (, follow Self-Service Main Menu > Academics > Graduation Overview menu options.

A notification receipt advising about the next steps will be sent to the e-mail address included in the submitted graduation information form.

Commencement Ceremony

Final Official Transcript

If you have already satisfied all academic program requirements and the program completion status has been verified & confirmed by the Registrar’s Office, you will notice on your academic transcript a content section that includes specific information pertinent to your academic profile with marking like:

  • Degree Received:e.g. Associate in Science, Associate in Arts,  Associates in Applied Science, or Certificate;
  • Date Conferred..:” – e.g. 08/07/2023 – date when the degree/certificate has been conferred;
  • Majors……………:” – e.g. Business Administration – academic program of study in which you graduated in.

To request your official academic transcripts, log on