Detailed information about the “Graduation Policy“, “Graduation Residency Policy” can be found in the College catalog.

To verify the graduation readiness, we recommend the students to:

  1. Meet with an Academic Counselor/Advisor for any questions or assistance regarding the academic program (degree or certificate) requirements review/verification (degree-audit);
  2. Resolve any outstanding issues (e.g. Holds, tickets, unreturned college sport equipment, overdue library items,  or outstanding balance…) that could potentially prevent the diploma to be released ;
  3.  Confirm the graduation information online using the Bergen Portal/Graduation Overview (online form) before the end of the semester of completion.
    Hints: Log on your Bergen Portal (, follow Self-Service Main Menu > Academics > Graduation Overview menu options.

A notification receipt advising about the next steps will be sent to the e-mail address included in the submitted graduation information form.