This process has been designed to address extenuating circumstances that have occurred during a semester that has prevented the student from completing their studies.

Extenuating circumstances are defined as one-time occurrence that was beyond the student’s control such as accidents, legal or other catastrophic and unforeseen events.

Only the Tuition Appeal Committee can determine if a student is eligible for a refund falling outside of the published refund schedule on the academic calendar.

Tuition Appeal Request Filing Deadlines

The Tuition Appeal Committee will only review cases if the request is submitted/filed by recommended deadlines:

  • Current Semester: one week prior to the end of the semester.
  • Past Semester:  within one (1) year, in which the student has obtained the “W” grade.


  1. Students cannot submit a Tuition Appeal for a semester that has not yet started.
  2. The official withdrawal and tuition refund deadlines are included in the Registration Calendar.

Tuition Appeal Request Submission Process

STEP 1 – Before submitting the tuition appeal,

    1. Review your academic records including the most recent registration statements, academic transcript, college communications/correspondences (check your Bergen student e-mail), etc.
    2. Ascertain that the semester you plan to appeal is Fall or Spring semester.
    3. Check if the final grade received or any course you plan to appeal is a “W” grade:
      • If you received an incomplete grade ( “N”) for the course, it is critical you first seek final grade resolution.
        Detailed guidelines about incomplete grade resolution process is included in the college academic catalog.
      • If you earned a grade of “E”,  a separate E Grade Appeal academic form must be completed through the Committee on Academic Standing.
        Detailed academic regulation pertinent to “E” grade is included in the Academic Catalog.
        For assistance in initiating the E Grade appeal process or completing the E grade appeal form please contact the Center for Student Success (E-mail: [email protected]).

STEP 2 – Gather any third-party support documentation (e.g. medical records, legal documents, counselor’s statement of support...) that verifies your extenuating circumstances.

STEP 3 – Submit the online Tuition Appeal Request Form and upload any support documentation for review and consideration.

Tuition Appeal Request Review

  • The Tuition Appeal Committee will only review courses with a grade of “W” and determine if any tuition is eligible for refund.
  • The Committee will notify the student about the outcome (denied or approved).