Learning through and about the arts enriches life and helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us.

Computer Animation

Learn the art of creating moving images with the computer, students can study computer graphics and animation.


Students who have a passion for fashion will study fashion apparel design for a career in the industry.

Film and Cinema

Learn the history and genres of films along with the skills of film interpretation.

Graphic Design and Computer Graphics

With an interest in the art of graphic design and computer graphics, students can become skilled in artistic design and digital content creation.


Develop the ability to criticize, analyze and respond in writing to the ideas presented in expository prose and literature.


Through transfer and non-transfer program options, students in Music at Bergen can focus on performance in classical, jazz, or popular music, music business or music production and technology.


With an interest in the performing arts, students will be trained in acting and professional theatre to master live performances.

Continuing Education

Interested in professional and workforce development, corporate training or personal enrichment courses? Explore our selection of non-credit classes for job-training, career enhancement or personal enrichment.

Interior Design

Providing the technical skills to translate abstract concepts into three-dimensional reality.