Accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an expression of confidence in an institution’s mission and goals, its performance, and its resources. An institution is accredited when the educational community has verified that its goals are achieved through self-regulation and peer review.


Steering Committee

Dr. Jennifer Migliorino-Reyes, Self-Study Chair, Liaison Standards 1 and 4
Dr. Kil Yi, Self-Study Chair, Liaison Standards 3 and 6
Joan Dalrymple, Self-Study Chair, Liaison Standards 2 and 7
Dr. Tonia McKoy, Compliance Working Group Chair
Suzanne Wetzel, Standard 1
Wilton Thomas-Hooke, Standard 1
Lisa Mayer, Standard 2
Ronda Drakeford, Standard 2
Dr. Annemarie Roscello, Standard 3
Dr. Maureen Ellis Davis, Standard 3
Dr. Dianna O’Connor, Standard 4
Gloria Cevallos, Standard 4
Dr. Ilene Kleinman, Standard 5
Dr. Gary Porter, Standard 5
Jeffrey Dulow, Standard 6
Dr. Mayda Gonzalez-Bosch, Standard 6
Adam Goodell, Standard 7
Mark Molisani, Standard 7
Dr. Gary Porter, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Liaison Standard 5


Standard Working Groups

Standard I Mission and Goals

Suzanne M. Wetzel, Vice President of External Affairs, CHAIR
Wilton Thomas-Hooke, Chief Financial Officer, Co-Chair
Cinzia Diorio, Executive Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Joseph Goss, Assistant Professor, Respiratory Care
Peter Vida, Dean of Enrollment Management

Standard II  Ethics and Integrity

Lisa Mayer, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, CHAIR
Ronda Drakeford, Assistant Professor, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Co-Chair
Dr. Denise Budd, Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts
Maria Ferrara, Executive Assistant, Board of Trustees
Meredith Gatzke, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development
Nishika Gupta, Managing Director of Records and Information Management
Jaime Pardo, Manager of Career Placement Services, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Lynn Schott, Associate Professor, Library
Julie Seda, Assistant Professor, Wellness and Exercise Science

Standard III Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Dr. Annemarie Roscello, Professor, Library, CHAIR
Dr. Maureen Ellis-Davis, Associate Professor, Social Sciences, Co-Chair
Iris Bucchino, Assistant Professor, English Basic Skills
Carmen Cruz-Torres, Assistant Dean of Nursing
Dr. Neel Haldolaarachchige, Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences
Dr. Alan Kaufman, Professor, Composition and Literature
Dr. Amarjit Kaur, Managing Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Luciana Lew, Adjunct Faculty, English Basic Skills
Philip G. Ross, Lecturer, Wellness and Exercise Science
Dr. Walter Rothaug, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Doug Short, Associate Professor, Enrollment Management
James Zorn, Assistant Professor, Composition and Literature

Standard IV Support of the Student Experience

Dr. Dianna O’Connor, Associate Professor, Career and Transfer Services, CHAIR
Gloria Cevallos, Scheduling and Facilities Planner, Co-Chair
Joseph Barreto, Trustee and Secretary, Board of Trustees
Kathryn Brunetto, Managing Director of Admissions and International Programs
Jake Dynes, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Greg Fenkart, Director of Student Life
Hyacinthe Nkurunziza, Coordinator of Success and Completion, Office of Specialized Services
Tracy Rand, Managing Director of the Office of Specialized Services
Dr. Anthony Trump, Vice President of Student Affairs

Standard V Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Dr. llene Kleinman, Associate Dean of Curriculum, CHAIR
Dr. Gary Porter, Professor, Physical Sciences, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Co-Chair
Dr. Mi Ahn, Professor, Social Sciences
John Bandman, Assistant Professor, Hotel and Restaurant Management
Jorge Cardenas, Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences
Dr. Peter Dlugos, Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Pamela Haji, Assistant Professor, English Basic Skills
Dr. Melissa Krieger, Associate Professor, Social Sciences

Standard VI  Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Jeffrey Dulow, Controller, CHAIR
Dr. Mayda Gonzalez-Bosch, Associate Dean of Health Professions, Continuing Education and Workforce Development, Co-Chair
Khairia Fazal, Dean of Learning Support, Cerullo Learning Assistance Center
Marie Jardine, Associate Director of Public Safety
Dr. Jaehyun (Julia) Lee-Hong, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
Elena Luddy, Senior Financial Accountant, Bursar
Dr. Mike Martinez, Professional Assistant, Enrollment Management
Nathaniel Saviet, Vice President of Facilities
John Scardina, Manager of Grants and Regulatory Compliance, Office of Grants Administration

Standard VII Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Adam Goodell, Senior Dean, Humanities, Co-Chair
Mark Molisani, Grant Writer, Co-Chair
Dr. Song Chung, Associate Professor, Physical Sciences
Tracy Miceli, Managing Director of Events Planning
Francis Schmidt, Professor and Chair, Visual Arts
Candice Kaup Scioscia, Manager of the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center

Compliance Working Group (Requirements of Affiliation)

Dr. Tonia McKoy, Dean of Research and Institutional Effectiveness, CHAIR
Dr. Carol Miele, Professor and Chair, World Languages


Additional Support

Dr. Larry Hlavenka, Executive Director, Public Relations, Community and Cultural Affairs
Suzanne Wetzel, Vice President of External Affairs

Copy Editing
Dr. John Findura, Writing Center Supervisor, Cerullo Learning Assistance Center, Editor




Bergen Community College Middle States Self-Study Report – 2016
Middle States Visiting Team Evaluation Report – Spring 2016 IR - Doc Icon
Statement of Accreditation Status – June 2016 IR - Doc Icon