Institutional Effectiveness

The Center for Institutional Effectiveness (CIE) was created in 2004, and with Institutional Research, reports to the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness. Its mission is to promote institutional policies, practices and activities that enhance institutional effectiveness. It fosters on campus a culture that values inquiry, evidence and collaboration and supports college-wide decision-making and planning initiatives by collecting, analyzing and reporting information about the college.

While the Center’s activities, initiatives and projects will vary over time in response to changing needs, its current emphasis is on institutional research, strategic planning and assessment.

CIE Staff

Dr. Yun Kim, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

  • Office: A310, Phone: 201-301-1593

Gail Fernandez, Interim Dean of Assessment

  • Office: A330, Phone: 201-493-7525

Dr. Tonia McKoy, Managing Director, Institutional Research

  • Office: A330, Phone: 201-612-5564

Madeline Trimble, Senior Research Associate

  • Office: A330, Phone: 201-879-3626

Jesse Jacondin, Research Analyst

  • Office: A330, Phone: 201-879-8913

Ruth Ann Heck, Administrative Assistant

  • Office: A310, Phone: 201-689-7656


Affiliated Staff

  • Dr. Amarjit Kaur, Managing Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Dr. Ilene Kleinman, Dean of Curriculum and Scheduling; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Jill Rivera, Associate Dean of Student Success and Completion; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Joanna Campbell, Professor, Dental Hygiene; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Maureen Ellis-Davis, Assistant Professor, Sociology; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Melissa Krieger, M.S. Ed, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences; CIE Assessment Fellow