The Center for Institutional Effectiveness (CIE) was created in 2004. Its mission is to promote institutional policies, practices and activities that enhance institutional effectiveness. It fosters on campus a culture that values inquiry, evidence and collaboration and supports college-wide decision-making and planning initiatives by collecting, analyzing and reporting information about the college.

While the Center’s activities, initiatives and projects will vary over time in response to changing needs, its current emphasis is on institutional research, strategic planning and assessment.

CIE Staff

Dr. Tonia McKoy, Dean of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Office: A304B, Phone: 201-879-5564, [email protected]

Jeannette R. Lim, Associate Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Office: A305, Phone: 201-879-7931, [email protected]

CIE Assessment Fellows

The CIE Assessment Fellows facilitate outcomes assessment work conducted by Bergen faculty and staff in the areas of student learning and administrative and educational support. They promote the communication and utilization of outcomes and results. In collaboration with the General Education Committee and the Learning Assessment Committee, the Fellows also address the General Education assessment needs of the college.

The Fellows are responsible for (1) working with department liaisons, unit leaders and key stakeholders to ensure the development of high quality and meaningful assessment plans, (2) assisting and mentoring faculty and staff in all phases of outcomes assessment, (3) creating and conducting workshops and forums to expand the assessment knowledge base, (4) publishing the Center for Institutional Effectiveness Newsletter, (5) attending regional/national conferences, and (6) assisting in the preparation of reports and documents for Middle States accreditation.

Current CIE Assessment Fellows

  • Dr. Maureen Ellis-Davis, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Melissa Krieger, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Carol Miele, Professor, American Language Program