Bergen Community College strives to be a dynamic learning community that supports collaboration, diversity and student success through quality programs and enthusiastic teaching, learning and serving. The program review process is designed to ensure excellent educational programs that address student and community needs. It will be helpful to focus on where the program is now form a variety of perspectives, where do we want the program to go and how does the program reach that point.

Program Review Objectives

  • Provide quality programs through peer review and self-evaluation
  • Encourage systematic collection and review of student learning assessments and effectiveness measures
  • Ensure that the program meets its stated mission and addresses the strategic direction of the college
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements and successes
  • Identify and address concerns and difficulties
  • Address and fulfill accreditation requirements

Program Review Resources 

2018 – 2019 Program Review Reports

2017 – 2018 Program Review Reports

2016 – 2017 Program Review Reports

2015 – 2016 Program Review Reports

2014 – 2015 Program Review Reports

2013 – 2014 Program Review Reports