College Policies

For insight on how policies are developed at Bergen Community College, please visit the Policy Advisory Council page.



ACAD 002-001.2018 Application,
Acceptance, Implementation and Modification of Grants Grant Proposals

ACAD 003-001.2018 Child Development Center
ACAD 004-001.2018 Articulation Agreements
ACAD 005-001.2018 Age Restriction in Continuing Education Courses and Certificate Programs
ACAD 006-001.2018 Off Site locations


Board of Trustees

BoT 001-001.2018 Advisory Committees Nomination Apptmt Reappt 4.10.18
BoT 002 001.2018 Alumni Trustee Policy
BoT 003-001.2018 Minutes. Retention of Audio recordings
BoT 004-001.2018 Board Meetings and Official Publications
BoT 005-001.2018 Governor’s appt
BoT 006-001.2018 Indemnification of Employees and Trustees
BoT 007-001.2018 Participation in Fund Raising Events
BoT 008-001.2018 Travel policy for Board Members



FIN 001-001.2108 Child Development Center Fee
FIN 002-001.2018 Campus Motor Violations
FIN 003-001.2018 Locker Fees
FIN 004-001.2018 Deferred Tuition Payment Plan Policy
FIN 005-001.2018 Membership fee for the Institute for Learning in Retirement
FIN 006-001.2018 Guidelines for Determing Chargeback Eligibility Policy
FIN 007-001.2018 Annual Financial Statement
FIN 008-001.2018 Approval for and Reporting of College Events held at Off-Campus Establishments
FIN 009-001.2018 Mailing Procedures-Guidelines
FIN 010-001.2018 Dental Clinic Fees
FIN 011-001.2018 College Rental of Off Campus Classrooms Facilities
FIN 012-001.2018 Authorization to Enter Into Hospital Contracts
FIN 013-001.2018 Travel policy for faculty and staff



FND 001-001.2018 Recognizing Contributions on Behalf of BCC
FND 002-001.2018 Gift Acceptance Policy


General Administration

GADM 001-001.2018 External Data Request policy
GADM 002-001.2018 Lost and Found Policy
GADM 003-001.2018 Award of Professional Services
GADM 004-001.2018 Changes to Roadways or Traffic Patterns
GADM 005-001.2018 Security Camera Monitoring Policy
GADM 006-001.2018 Records Retention Policy


Information Technology


Human Resources

HR 001-001 2018 Title IX
HR 002-001.2018 Policy on Internal Complaint Process
HR 003-001.2018 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment
HR 004-001.2018 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination
HR 005-001.2018 Hiring and Compensation of non-credit instruction
HR 006-001.2018 Reporting Injuries Workers’ Comp-Guidelines


Student Affairs

STU 001-001.2018 Policy Campus Posting Policy
STU 002-001.2018 Commencement Speaker
STU 003-001.2018 Flag display policy

Policy Policies Policy Policies Policy