Executive Team

Eric M. Friedman, Ph.D.
Eric M. Friedman, Ph.D.

Brock Fisher
Brock Fisher, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Cinzia D'Iorio profile photo
Cinzia D’Iorio
Interim Executive Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Meredith Gatzke
Meredith Gatzke
Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Larry Hlavenka
Larry Hlavenka, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Public Relations, Community and Cultural Affairs

Ronald Miller
Ronald Miller
Executive Director, Bergen Community College Foundation

Nat Saviet
Nat Saviet
Vice President of Facilities

Ron Spaide
Ron Spaide
Chief Information Officer

Wilton Thomas-Hooke
Wilton Thomas-Hooke
Chief Financial Officer

A.J. Trump, Ed.D.
A.J. Trump, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Carol Clarke
Carol Clarke
Administrative Assistant


Adam Goodell – Dean of Humanities
Vacant – Dean of Assessment, Accreditation & Compliance
Darlene Zales-Russama – Associate Dean of Nursing
Dr. David Marks – Dean of Library Services
Dr. Deborah Manning – Dean of Adjunct Administration
Dr. Emily Vandalovsky – Dean of Math, Science & Technology
Dr. Ilene Kleinman – Associate Dean of Curriculum
Linda Emr – Dean of Off-Campus Sites
Magali Muniz – Interim Dean of Off-Campus Sites
Dr. Mayda Gonzalez-Bosch – Associate Dean of Continuing Education/Health Professions
Peter Vida – Dean of Enrollment Services
Dr. Susan Barnard – Dean of Health Professions
Vacant – Dean of Business, Arts & Social Sciences
Dr. Tonia McKoy – Interim Dean of Assessment, Accreditation & Compliance

Associate Vice Presidents/Directors/Managers

Dr. Amarjit Kaur – Managing Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Caroline Ofodile – Managing Director of Financial Operations & Student Assistance
Christopher Talmo – Director of Custodial Operations
David Borzotta – Associate Vice President of Safety and Security
Dr. Damyen Davis – Director of the Summer Intensive Program
Dr. Drorit Beckman – Executive Assistant
Frank Cuozzo – Managing Director of Financial Aid
Jacqueline Ottey – Managing Director of Records & Registration
Dr. Jennifer Migliorino-Reyes – Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
Vacant – Application Service Director of Information Technology
Dr. Jianhua Falcone – Managing Director of Financial Administration
Jorge Hernandez – Managing Director of Athletics
Kate Plessing-Brunetto – Managing Director of Admissions & International Programs
Khairia Fazal – Managing Director of Learning Assistance Services
Michael Hyjeck – Managing Director of Physical Plant & Grounds
Nishika Gupta – Managing Director of Records & Information Management
Peter LeDonne – Director of Community & Cultural Affairs
Robert Coane – Director of Campus Planning & Improvements
Sally Dionisio – Director of the Child Development Center
Stephanie Weise – Director of Purchasing
Thomas Race – User Services Manager
Vacant – Technical Director
Tracy Miceli – Managing Director of Events Planning
Tracy Rand – Managing Director of the Office of Specialized Services
Vacant – Managing Director of Systems Integrations
Dr. William Yakowicz – Director of Grants Administration