Bergen Community College provides accessible and transformative programs and services to its diverse community. As a comprehensive community college, we are committed to student success, innovation, and inclusivity.



Bergen Community College will be:

A first-choice option for its community.
A national model for innovation and partnerships.
An institution recognized for its ability to meet the needs of an ever-changing student population in a landscape of evolving employers’ workforce needs.



Consistent with Bergen Community College and who we are as a community, these core values guide our daily work:


We are committed to providing education in the liberal arts, sciences, technical fields, and a variety of non-credit programs that fosters critical thinking, facilitates upward mobility, and instills a sense of purpose.


We are imaginative and innovative in promoting success for our students and in accomplishing our goals.


We emphasize teamwork and acknowledge and take pride in the contributions of others.


We regularly and openly share what we do with both internal and external community members.


We identify, prioritize, and resolve issues by leading with an ethic of care.


We challenge ourselves to improve upon our programs and services.


We acknowledge, honor, and take pride in the quality of our work and the work of others.


Institutional Goals

Institutional Goal #1

Bergen Community College serves the needs of a diverse college population by creating a welcoming campus environment where all members of the community are valued. The College adheres to the principles of access, equity, and inclusion.

Institutional Goal #2

Bergen Community College offers educational programs and services that promote success for students of different abilities and economic needs.

Institutional Goal #3

Bergen Community College provides evidence of effective educational experiences.

Institutional Goal #4

Bergen Community College offers programs and services which enable community members to engage in lifelong learning opportunities.

Institutional Goal #5

Bergen Community College cultivates community relationships which support a growing network of partnerships with external organizations.

Institutional Goal #6

Bergen Community College shares its stories of success as a vital resource in Bergen County and the surrounding region.


(Approved by the Board of Trustees on 01/10/23)

Serving the community at these convenient locations: