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Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community consists of a small group of 15 to 25 students who take two or more courses together, generally from different disciplines, connected by a common theme or topic.

The content of the courses in a Learning Community is linked thematically and sequentially as much as possible.

What is the difference between courses taught in the Learning Community and regular sections of the same courses?

The content of the courses is basically the same; however, in a learning community the courses are intentionally linked together to provide much greater integration of curriculum, more opportunities for active learning, and more interaction between students and faculty.

The courses are taught by two instructors who collaborate closely in order to address the educational goals in both courses. Instructors in Learning Communities meet many times throughout the semester to assist students and address their individual needs.

Why join a Learning Community?

Learning Communities allow students to develop the collaborative, critical thinking, and social skills they will need to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.

Data shows that students who participate in a Learning Community have higher pass rates in their courses. They tend to be more confident of their abilities and more motivated to continue their studies.

Here are some of the benefits of Learning Communities:

  • Smaller classes allow for more personal attention and collaboration
  • More fun as you work with the same classmates in both courses
  • Overlapping readings and content
  • Use what you learn in each class to help you succeed in both courses
  • One research assignment that counts in both classes
  • Get help with your assignments from both professors
  • Build new relationships!


Who can join a Learning Community: Everyone!

Any new or continuing student who is entering mainstream college classes at BCC can join a Learning Community. Moreover, any student who is currently in the Developmental Education Program or has recently completed English Basic Skills Program or the American Language Program at Bergen is also eligible to join a Learning Community.

At Bergen, we offer several pathways through Learning Communities. Each of these educational pathways is designed to meet the unique and varying needs of different student populations.

For more information on Learning Communities, please contact Professor Eileen Fitzgerald at [email protected] or Professor Maria Kasparova at [email protected]