Program Outcomes

The Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Professions Standard
V.A.4. Fair Practices, Publications and Disclosures requires the sponsoring institution to make available to the public, information about student/graduate achievement that includes the results of attrition, job placement, and credentialing success rates.

Attrition rate for the graduating class of 2015:
31%– sixteen students were accepted and 11 completed the program

Employment rate for the graduating class of 2015:
82% – 9 of the 11 graduates are currently employed in the ultrasound field

Credential Success Rate for the graduating class of 2015 is as follows:
RDMS (Abdominal) 100%        8 graduates took the Abdomen registry: 8 passed
RDMS (Ob/Gyn) 100%                        11graduates took the Ob/Gyn registry: 11 passed
RDCS (Adult Echo) 100%        4 graduates took the AE registry: 4 passed