Accommodations are tailored to the individual needs of students.
Reasonable accommodations must be supported by current documentation.
A wide range of accommodations are available including, but not limited to:

Extended Time Testing

  • Testing accommodations may include up to double time for test taking in the Testing Center
  • Testing can be completed in the Office of Testing Services – Room S-127 OR students can make arrangements to test with their instructor.
  • Faculty are responsible for dropping off and picking up all exams.
  • To avoid confusion the student and instructor should discuss testing arrangements and how this accommodation will be implemented as soon as an exam date is announced.

**Please note testing with the instructor does NOT guarantee full extended time.

Note Taking

  • This is a support service for qualified individuals to assist in getting content information from classroom lectures and discussions.
  • Students requesting this accommodation must present their note taking accommodation form to the instructor.
  • Instructors are asked to assist the student in locating a note taker.
  •  Once a note taker is found, the student requesting the service must provide their note taker with contact information and make arrangements for receiving notes.
  • If a peer note taker cannot be located, the student should contact the Resource Accommodation Specialist in the Office of Specialized Services. The office can work to identify a note taker through an alternate resource.
  • We also provide notetaking services via Notetaking Express (a downloadable app) which requires the student to meet with the Resource Accommodation Specialist for a brief orientation and to sign up.


  • Tutoring accommodation is available to all students free of charge.
  • This accommodation provides a set 2 hour/week per subject with the same tutor for the entire semester.
  • It is essentially a standing appointment.
  • You can start or end the appointments at any time.


  • Basic four function calculator (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division); not a scientific or graphing calculator.
  • You will need to provide your own calculator for course work.


  • Record lectures using a smart device i.e., phone or laptop.


  • If your professor does not already allow you to take notes on a computer, you can now do so.

Individual Registration Assistance

  • When registration begins you can make a 1-hour appointment with an academic counselor.
  • They can help you pick a program or evaluate the one you are in.
  • You have access to that counselor anytime. *New Students ONLY

Enlarged Print

If using a textbook, you need to send the following to the scanning technician: ISBN #,  Proof of receipt, and the Size of enlarged print.

Wheelchair User

  • Once schedule is confirmed, an adjustable desk can be provided.
  • Please email with your class information.

Private Room

Smart Pen

  • A smart pen is a device that can record audio from lectures in addition to recording the handwritten notes that you take in class.
  • A Digital Pen is an input device which captures the handwriting strokes and transfers it into digital information.


  • Make arrangements with Testing Services to take the test there.
  • Be sure to make arrangements BEFORE the test or quiz occurs.

Interpreting Services

  • An ASL/English Interpreter for meetings, classes, events, etc.
  • To utilize these services, you will be connected to Deaf Services.

CART/Captioning/Live Transcription

  • Remote CART & live transcription or captioning services are available for students who are deaf or hard of hearing for regularly scheduled classes and labs as well as for other special campus events.

Assistive Technology

  • Hardware such as use of an adapted mouse, adapted keyboard, or large monitor.
  • Software programs that are developed for use as a screen-reader and magnifier programs listed below:
    • Text-to-speech applications: Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000;
    • Screen Reader applications: JAWS®/Freedom Scientific;
    • Screen Magnifier/Reader applications: ZoomText Magnifier/Reader.