Media Services mobile equipment may be checked out to faculty and students for classroom usage: PETS (Portable Electronic Teaching Station), slide projectors, tape/CD players, TV/DVD/VCR Carts, Digital Presenter Carts, Multimedia Projector Carts, etc.

  • A full 24-hour notice is required for classroom equipment request
  • Equipment must be picked up and dropped off at Media Services in L-226 F. Equipment requests for Saturday and Sunday can be picked up and dropped off at the Service Desk on the main floor of the library
  • Checking out of portable multimedia projectors, laptops, digital camcorders and digital still cameras is restricted to faculty and staff members for academic related use only. Reservation is required
  • VHS camcorders are restricted for use in the classroom by faculty and students for academic related purpose only. Reservation is required
  • Equipment manuals are available in Media Services and online
  • Call the Media Services at 201-447-7972 for equipment reservation or availability

Audiovisual Duplication Services

Media material duplication services are designed to support faculty, and students with academic and research projects (currently, only audio cassette, and VHS are available). The use of these facilities for personal purposes, especially for the copying of copyrighted materials, such as commercial audio, video, software, CDs or tapes, without appropriate permission from the holder of the copyright, is prohibited. These services are bound by copyright and fair use restrictions.

Copyright Information

Circulation Policies


Media Materials Checkout


  • Reserved titles can be checked out for 3 hours and be viewed in the Media Services’ Lab only.
  • Circulating materials can be checked out for 7 days.
  • Materials reserved for a class can’t be circulated.
  • Un-cataloged materials will not be circulated.
  • Media materials in closed stacks are retrieved by staff members only at the Media Services desk.
  • Request of equipment to be used in Student Center must be signed by Coordinator of the Student Activities.
  • Equipment reserved by student must be accompanied by faculty’s name, course number, and classroom number.
  • All multimedia materials and equipment can only be used by Bergen employees and students.
  • A valid Bergen Community College ID is required for all multimedia materials and equipment check-outs.

Equipment Checkout

  • Mobile equipment can only be checked out for instructional use in the classroom, or with the permission of Coordinator of Media Services.
  • Camcorders and cameras can only be checked out for instructional use for 24 hours, unless permitted by Coordinator of Media Services.
  • Laptop computers can be checked out by faculty or staff for conference use only with the permission of Coordinator of Media Services.
  • Equipment can be only used by Bergen employees and students for academic related work.